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Migrate Divi Theme Setting Plugin

Written by Firman


The possibility to export and import theme settings is one of the many benefits of Divi. This means you can create a website for one location, as well as an offline server or testing site, and then migrate the settings to another. There have been numerous methods for relocating your settings, some of which are more straightforward than others. One of the simplest methods is to use the Migrate Divi Theme Settings plugin.

Migrate Divi Theme Settings is a third-party plugin that allows you to easily backup and move cutomizer and theme options settings, such as the Theme Customizer and Module Customizer, only with a single click. You can back – up or migrate your Theme Configuration and design elements,, Customizer data,  and development work.

This is great for Divi child theme designers who would like to give consumers numerous options or a simple option to upload options, as well as for those that like to try different theme configurations without losing them. Migrate Divi Theme Settings can be purchased from the developer’s website.

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Features of the Divi Theme that should be migrated;

  • With ease, you can restore, backup, move, and export Divi theme settings.
  • With ease, you can restore, backup, move, and export Divi Theme and Customizer settings.
  • Once designing and building your child theme, you can save energy and simplify your workflow.
  • Also include Migrate Divi Theme Configurations plugin in the files of your child theme.
  • Assist your customers in importing the Divi Theme and Customizer settings for their child theme.

Migrate Divi Theme Settings is an easy-to-use tool. It is simple to use and does not require any setup. Beginners should have no trouble using this plugin, in my opinion. The interface for importing and exporting files is label and simple to use.

I wouldn’t change much about this plugin. I’d like to see the CSS from the Custom CSS field in the Divi Theme Options retained. I’d really like to see an Extra version. It is one of the simplest methods I’ve seen for backing up or transferring theme settings. Migrate Divi Theme Settings may be the plugin you need if you need an easy-to-use settings migration plugin.

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