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Updraft Plus Review: The Best Backup Plugin for WordPress?

Written by Firman


If you are looking for the best backup plugin, Updraft Plus may be what you want. It is a security plugin for WordPress sites that comes with many features and benefits. If you really want to know more about this backup plugin, we will discuss it more. So, you should pay attention to the following UpdraftPlus review.

About UpdraftPlus

Earning money from WordPress website is very prospective. That is why you cannot let your website being attacked by malware, hacks, or other issues. To prevent lost data, you need a backup plugin. In this case, UpdraftPlus becomes an excellent option. Besides providing backup for your website data, Updraft Plus backup also lets you restore it completely. Even more, it has high security. That is why you really need this backup plugin.

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Why Does UpdraftPlus Become a Better Choice?

Compared to other alternatives, UpdraftPlus still becomes the best option. It is because of some reasons:

  • All-in-one Backup Plugin for WordPress

You must know that it is a complete backup plugin. It can give complete backup, store the backup in the cloud, and also restore the files & database simply with 1-click button. It also comes with advanced features such as non-WordPress file backup, cloning & migration, etc.

  • User-friendly Interface

One of the benefits of this backup plugin is its user-friendly interface. So, it can be operated easily even by beginners.

  • The Only One-size-fits-all Backup Plugin for WordPress Sites

This backup plugin can be used to give backup for any WordPress website. It includes online publication, eCommerce merchant, small business, hobby blogger, etc. Whatever your kind of website is, this backup plugin is always useful.

The Important Features of UpdraftPlus

In this UpdraftPlus review, we will also discuss about its important features. Here are the features you must know:

  1. Different Backup Options

This UpdraftPlus backup plugin offers some different backup options that include scheduled, manual and complete backups. You can perform your desired backup option.

  • Remote Backup Option

You can simply store your backups. However, it is recommended so much to choose the location where you will store the backups.

  • Migrator Add-on

UpdraftPlus features Migrator Add-on where it helps you clone & migrate your website easily. This feature has some beneficial functions such as search & replace.

  • Importer Add-on

Commonly, free backup plugins do not offer restore options. Fortunately, this backup plugin features Importer Add-on where it can restore you WordPress website from other backup plugins.

  • Other Features

Those are some of the best features offered. However, actually there are still many other useful features. They include:

  • Multisite compatibility
  • User management

It ensures that only right users who can access the backups.

  • Non-WordPress backup
  • WP-CLI support
  • Scheduled backups.

You can schedule backups for every 4 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours.

  • Extensive remote storage choices
  • UpdraftVault storage
  • Powerful reporting & monitoring
  • Great security backups

The Verdict

After paying attention to this Updraft review, we can conclude that this can be considered as the most popular and best scheduled WordPress backup plugin. In relation to the features, it has the most comprehensive ones. Besides that, it is also easy to use so that newbie users can use it easily. In short, if you are looking for a backup solution for WordPress website that does not compromise on the speed, this plugin can be the best option. If you decide to purchase UpdraftPlus for your website backup plugin, there are some pricing options available. They include Personal, Business, Agency, and Enterprise. The price starts from 70 to 245 dollars per year.

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