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Reason Why You Need to Use Free Divi Layouts

Written by Firman


This post refers in particular to website designer that uses the Divi Theme. Elegant Theme Web Resources are amazing. With around half a million Divi consumers, Elegant Themes is certainly offering winning web design support. For the users of the Divi Theme, having lots of several free Divi Layouts is a big bonus. In fact, you are also required some form of gentle persuasions to use a free Divi layout here. There are 10 convincing factors to use free Divi layouts that has become such a good idea.

Save Your Time by Using Free Divi Layouts

Why do you want to reproduce the Divi Layout each time with same repetitive elements design? To be 100% honest about all of this, all websites need to have the same design on it. Like any store has a cashier and at minimum one counter display, all websites require call for action, contact form, navigation, headers, footers, and blog section just to name a few of the frequently repeated website design elements. When you are using Divi Layouts that’ve been pre-made, you save all the time you need to re-create the very same designs each time.

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Final Design

Did you spend days working on a web design? Keep tuning it until you know it’s going to convert? Why recreate the wheel then. You realize your concept is working. Your clients enjoy it so much. Their customers love it. They’ve got element design that convert. Do you really would like to stick with the Divi Builder settings each time you rebuild the same design element? You’re not allowed to! And the Divi team knows this after years of suggestions from the huge Divi community. That’s why they built the Divi library and gives us the chance to reuse the Dive Layouts.

Free Divi Layout is Simple to Reuse

You can use Divi layouts again. This doesn’t mean that they all ought to appear the same. All that means is that they’re stored in your Divi library awaiting until your next project. You can upload the Divi footer layout into Divi dashboard when you’re about to create another footer.

Open the Divi settings and change the layout design to fit the look and feel of the new customer. It needs a few easy clicks and the specifics of the content are modified.  This will include data things such as addresses and mobile phone numbers. The map from Google  is updated and you modify fonts and colors in the advanced configuration to suit the brand of the new customer.

Be Polite and Have a Share

Sharing is really caring. Have you been to web design class and are still connected to your fellow students? Or you’re working in a major development agency and you’ll have a lot of colleagues. It was fine for you, then. If your friend or colleague says they like a design and telling you they also have project which also suits perfectly then they share it.

Save the Divi layout and give it back to them for re-use. And note that the more you share your design, then you will get more. Ask your colleagues and friends , in exchange, to share with you. That’s how you all gain from a growing library. Consider of the extra free time you will have if you don’t have to redesign each element every time.

There’s Still a Backup

Computers are crashing. There are disruptive power outages, hurricanes that interrupt internet providers, boiler breaks and spills on your hard disk drive and, of course, websites get hijacked. It’s endless how much drama we’ve got to face today when we’re using technology. Not that one’s supposed to whine. What we’d do without the website. With Divi layouts, you could save them to your storage devices and have them all in the event of a one-day technology failure. We’ve all been around for at least once. It’s why we keep saving and backup it.

See How the Designers Made Them

Have you really began to look at the layout and figured, how could they do that? Hours spent in browser inspecting looking to find out what patterns or CSS they’re using? If you install a pre-made Divi layout, you’ll see how they designed it. We’ve been very curious to see if others build styles and effects. Often, after seeing work of many other web designers, we learned from them and eventually modified our Divi layouts to get better design.

Many of Them are Available on the Net

Even after all your colleagues and friends have been nagging and the Divi library is growing, but you don’t think that’s enough? What now? The good news is that there are plenty more available on the internet for free. Sign up for the Divi blog.

This should have been your first move, as they always offer free Divi layouts. Then do a quick Google for Free Divi Layouts, and you’ll be impressed how helpful the growing Divi  theme community is. Enter the Facebook community of Divi. This is a wonderful place to get fresh, free Divi templates. And sign up for places that send out updates advertising their freebies.

Easy to Import to Your Divi Website 

This is really the best aspect of the free Divi layouts. It simply takes a few seconds to install the Divi layout whenever you make a new Divi layout. The first thing is to activate the Divi Builder. It’s very simple to load a Divi layout on the Divi. Select the Load button on the Library and pick the Divi layout you like. Please click Load.


Unbelievable flexibility. Once you’ve uploaded your free Div layouts, you can work it around as you want to. Drag the rows and lower them. Delete unused or unnecessary elements. If you reconsider your decision, go back to the history feature and put it back. Divi Builder has a ctrl z function, which implies that you can undo a change which you might made directly through your keyboard. You have to add a new design element to your Divi layout. No issue at all. Only click and add style to it.

Selling Your Own Divi Layout Designs

This is a smart idea. After you have set up your own Divi Layouts, you could sell it. There are places where you can upload your layouts to sell them to Divi community. Or add a shop for Woocommerce on your blog. Woocommerce and Divi are very compliant with each other.

Your website is getting you leads for potential customers, and you’re using it to showing off your amazing designs – why don’t you earn some extra cash out of all your work and effort. Re-create them in various types. Pick one stuff and make a ton of variations to sell. Not every styles apply to all. Create once and sell a lot of times over is a perfect business practice and might end up being a profitable little side hustle for you.

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