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The Differences between Divi Theme and Divi Builder Plugin

Written by Firman


For those who are new and not familiar with Divi, differentiating between the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder Plugin may be a little difficult and confusing. When and where exactly to use the Divi Theme? And when to use the Divi Builder Plugin? The following descriptions will make it easier for you to understand and help you choose between both of them.

What is Divi Theme?

Divi Theme is a WordPress theme that you can install as a complete theme for your site. It provides options that affect the whole part of a website, included header, body, footer, sidebar, and widget.

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Divi theme provides full options like page builder, Divi Library, Divi Roll Editor, Theme Customizer and Module Customizer.

You can read a full review of Divi Theme here.

What is Divi Builder Plugin?

Divi Builder Plugin is a WordPress Plugin that you can install on every WordPress theme beside Divi Theme. This plugin has almost all the features that the Divi theme has except for the Theme Customizer and Module Customizer.

You can use random WordPress theme and install Divi Builder Plugin to get Divi experience on your site.

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The Differences of Divi Theme and Divi Builder Plugin

Here are the list of the differences between Divi Theme and Divi Builder Plugin to make you easily understand.

When to Use Divi Builder Plugin


So, when you should use the Divi Builder plugin?

  • When using WordPress theme other than Divi Theme

You can install the Divi Builder Plugin if you choose to use a different WordPress theme other than Divi, but still want to use Divi capability in you pages and posts.

The Divi Builder plugin works for each and every WordPress theme, allowing you to get the best performance from both theme and plugin.


  • When switching theme from Divi Theme to another WordPress theme

Most popular page builder based theme use the shortcodes that output the necessary HTML and CSS to make your text, photos, videos and other assets look great. This will have no negative effects on your content, user or website until you decide no longer to use it and have to manually delete all shortcodes because they do not work with the new theme.

For example, you have used Divi Theme for many years on your site. Then, you want to switch to another WordPress theme and delete the Divi theme. The problem will come if your new theme does not support the shortcodes like Divi. Then, you know what will happen, your existing pages and posts will not be displayed correctly.

The Divi Builder plugin will be a great solution for you. Just install the Divi Builder plugin and the posts and pages you have powered by Divi will look exactly as it did before the themes were switched. However, this means that wherever it takes you, Divi will continue to power your posts and pages, as long as you are on WordPress.


So, have you decided which one you will use?

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