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Flywheel Divi Hosting Review

Written by Firman


FlyWheel Divi hosting is a potential combination for every WordPress site. Divi brings all of the tools one would expect in a WordPress theme, and Flywheel gives a robust and tailor-made cloud platform for Divi and WP platform. It is excellent for those who enjoy creating beautiful sites without having to think about issues that are more time-consuming and technical.

To focus on your creative work, Flywheel takes good care of all technical details of operating a Divi powered site. Your functional dashboard is also custom-built to improve your productivity, make it easy to set up your websites, collaborate with your staff and customers, and develop your company. And it is all supported by a help team that includes experts from WordPress.

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Here are the Best Advantages Flywheel Offered for Their Customer

Fast Loading Speed

The Divi theme is a powerful theme that allows you to get full flexibility building your dream site – but if you’re not using the correct web host for it, your loading speed will be lower than the speed you want. The answer is that you need Flywheel. They have tried and tested the fastest page load time against all other big label web hosts alongside them, and they’ve kept winning. Flywheel maintains quick loading speeds because the Google Cloud Platform has already supported them, and you didn’t need to configure it on your own. With incredibly fast NGINX servers and integrated-in FlyCache caching, Flywheel gives you a free fastly powered Global CDN.

Free SSL Included

Keep privacy safe for your website visitors is a Google obligation, and as a small business, it is only great practice. Your role in the industry should provide your customers with a secure place to find you, so you can win their confidence. You didn’t have to think about purchasing costly SSL certificates with Flywheel and struggling with the complicated installation of certificates. You get SSL free of charge with Flywheel.

Auto Healing Technology

Every WordPress on its website will fix itself in case of failure of any service. As just an example, whether there are problems with PHP, your site won’t go offline. It will just repair itself with flywheel auto-healing technology.

Automatic Regular Backups

Each WP site owner knows how vital it is to have a backup to get back in case of any issues that may arise with theme changes, plugin changes and WordPress updates on your website. It is vital to have a backup for every company, and Flywheel automatically provides this resource in every plan.

Great Support with Free Migration

Flywheel has your back whenever something terrible happens with your site. Excellent support is essential, and we are sure that Flywheel will give the clients the service they deserve.

They also offer their customer free migration to move their website, fill out their safe migrating request form with some information regarding your current hosting account.  They also will migrate your site under your account and set it up as a demo site. Then you can review it and see how it works and ensure everything is in position.

Perfect Hosting Security that Will Protect Your Website

For specific reasons, WordPress is fantastic and has an entirely different blog post from another platform. Then, since WordPress is incredible, there is a drawback to many benefits provided. When you don’t have the right host, you’re more exposed to malware and hacker attacks on your site. Still, you wouldn’t have to worry when your website hosting is Flywheel Divi, you’ll get free Two-Factor Authentication, smart IP blocking, free malware protection, and automated WordPress updates to keep your site secure.

Affordable Price for Great Hosting Feature

Flywheel has numerous packaging choices to suit your needs. Most business owners will want lite or starter plan to go with. If you are not sure enough to choose, start with lite and chat with Flywheel to see if your site may or may not use a hosting upgrade. It is depending upon the size and demands.

Flywheel is one of the most recommended WordPress hosting among the others because it does not only maximize Divi website performance by giving the faster speed, but also gives you maximum security. You will also get the simplicity to manage website with high quality support in WordPress field, so you do not need to worry getting bad support who does not know what you need.

Flywheel provides support staff who have expertise in the WordPress field so you don’t have to worry about getting support who don’t understand what you need. Do you want to maximize your Divi powered website? Click the link below to get Flywheel hosting benefits for your website.

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