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How To Become Website Developer By Using Divi

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Written by Firman


Today, among the most in-demand careers in technology is website design. The demand for smart and knowledgeable web designers is growing across the board, from small enterprises, freelancing agencies, and companies to non-profits as well as other groups. 

This article will help people out there who are starting out in the field of web design as well as those who are currently well establish. Write independent code which interfaces with the Core wordpress code is required to customize WordPress. You can explore as many as you want without needing to rebuild the WordPress platform if you screw it up because the fundamental code is unaffected.

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A developer can alter the site’s appearance, modify its basic functionality, edit the admin areas, or design a completely new user personal profile. To put it another way, your only limitations are your skills and desire to learn.

When you choose to use WordPress as a website developer, you will need the appropriate WordPress theme to make your website more attractive and beautiful.

Elegant themes’ Divi is a prominent WordPress theme. It features a large number of visual elements from which to choose. These are elements that can be dragged and dropped to make a visually appealing page. The Divi theme has Multilingual support and features built-in translation capabilities. It features a nice selection of attractive designs as well as some excellent visuals.

Before we get started, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Some website designers prefer to work either as a Designer (front end job, website design and graphics) or a web Developer  (website backend like functions,coding, etc). To be effective in web design, I recommend trying a good mix of both.

Inside this article, we’ll highlight many issues and point you to resources, but it will be up to you to put these suggestions and insights into action.

We’ll outline the most crucial aspects of this issue in the sake of simplicity, but there are other topics you should learn about as well. Hosting, SEO, design concepts, and so on.

The issue of training professional website designers is the topic of whole online classes. We’re simply highlighting the most significant topics which I’ve learnt from my actual experience inside this article to aid you on your way.

Let’s get started so now we know exactly what to expect!

How to Get Ready to Be a Professional Divi Website Designer

Inside the career of a professional web designer, I feel there are two areas which are most significant. Web design is divided into two categories: web/technology and business/personal.

Putting the Website/Technology Aspect of Website Design into Practice

As I’m approached by ambitious web designers, among the most popular questions I get is, “Where should I start?” This can be hard to know what and how to learn first when there are so many courses and programs available. Here are the five most critical elements to learn about while you’re just getting started:



When you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar on WordPress, but those of you who aren’t, learning the basics of the platform will be the first step toward launching your Divi website design business.

DruCreating html Pages sites and utilizing other CMS system like drupal or  Joomla are all wonderful good starting points, however at the time of writing, WordPress is reaching a 28 percent of the global, so knowing WordPress will become extremely important as it grows in popularity.

WordPress learning resources include:

The Elegant Themes website is without a doubt one of the top free WordPress resources available. and, among so many other online learning options, offer additional training.


That’s right, you guessed it. To be a professional Divi Website Designer, you must first learn Divi. So, like the majority of the Divi community, utilize Divi for all of your website creations. Since it’s a blank canvas right out of the box, it’s truly only one theme to master them all. Your creativity and skill set are the only limits to what you will do with Divi.

Divi is both basic and user-friendly while also being quite in-depth and complicated. One of factors why many people like it is that it can be used by both designers who are only focused in the front end and developers who would like to work on the backend. Divi is by far the most prominent page builder for WordPress, this means that website designers that use it are in high demand. So jump on the Divi ride as soon as possible!

Divi learning resources include:

While you may or not be aware, they recently began publishing daily Divi-related topics. The Divi Resources Website is the perfect source of reliable Divi learning materials, and it’s staffed by several of the Divi community’s brightest minds and writers.

HTML code (Hypertext Markup Language)

This is where individuals begin to perspire, but don’t worry — it’s not that horrible. HTML & website code take time, discipline, and trial – and – error to master, but when many people could do this, so can you! You CAN design a website with Divi without knowing how to code, but I strongly advise you to learn the fundamentals of HTML because you’ll regularly need to insert HTML-based scripts and widgets into the Divi builder.

HTML learning resources include: is one of the top online for free resources to learn HTML and programming. is another excellent resource for learning HTML.

The use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

I used to despise CSS, but I’ve since warmed up to it and adore it. When you understand CSS, the possibilities are unlimited. You shouldn’t need to understand CSS to design a site using Divi, but you will need a basic knowledge if you need to do any adjustments.

Here are a few quick reasons why I think you should learn CSS:

It’s cross-browser compatible, meaning it works with all browsers, website builders, and web languages.

It’s quick and easy.

  • Instead of loading many picture graphics, it saves a lot of time on page loading.

It is a worldwide phenomenon.

  • It has site-wide control over colors, settings, and elements.

You can use it again and again.

  • You can use the same CSS settings to several websites.

It’s completely free.

  • There are countless free tutorials available, and writing code does not require the use of a premium program.

CSS learning resources include:

I believe that snippets from tutorials on the Eelegantthemes blog, or many of the free CSS learning materials at are the greatest ways to learn CSS. 

Basic Design and Image Optimization

You’ll still need a basic understanding not only of website design , but also several basic image optimization methods. If you develop websites with large graphics and large file sizes, the website will run poorly and have a variety of undesirable consequences.

Image and Design Optimization Resources:

On the Eelegantthemes blog, you’ll find countless Divi website ideas. also one of the best resource which constantly features one of the top Divi designs on the internet. 

Regarding image optimisation, you can use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. However there are various free image optimizers available online, such as 


like any other new website developer, I’m in a similar situation to you. I simply have a basic understanding of HTML and work with DIVI. I’ve used several free and commercial themes in the past, which I customized with code snippets I discovered on the internet.

Regardless, Divi is incredibly customizable, but you will need to learn at least basic HTML and CSS. Web developer will be trapped with issues and design/content objectives you can’t can’t solve if you didnt have any basic css and html.

In summary, no matter which theme you use, you’ll need to understand basic HTML and CSS, and if you really want to go for it, you’ll also need to learn the fundamentals of PHP.

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