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Create a Nursing Home Service Website using Divi

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Written by Firman


A website is something that every nurse should really have. The WordPress cms (Content management system) helps to create a beautiful website which is simple to maintain, whether you want to launch a nursing home service website to focus on nursing lifestyle as well as as a complement to a nurse home service-owned business. Many individuals are unaware that a website is among the most effective ways to convey your viewpoint or a business communication. A website with a weblog is a wonderful platform for developing a brand personality that may help you generate money while also advancing your career. If you own a home healthcare service, for example, you might publish a blog article outlining the qualities to seek for in a reputable home healthcare company and then send your readers to a form where they may ask more details regarding your services. There really are probably hundreds of ways of improving your lifestyle with a blog. Increase your income while improving patient care.

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Three Simple Ways to Starting a Nursing Website

We’ll walk you through the steps of getting hosting, registering a domain name, trying to install WordPress, and more.

  • Web hosting services and also domain name
  • Create Website Using WordPress
  • Make things Look Attractive

By completing these three basic steps, you’ll have built the foundation for a fantastic new nursing website!

If you’ve already got the basics down, you’ll want to check out the Blogging Resources page to improve your blogging skills. If you haven’t begun yet, or if you’re using a platform other than self-hosted WordPress, and want to become serious about blogging, keep reading. In no time, you’ll be set up and getting ready to go.

Web hosting and domain name

Here’s where the creativity side of things truly shines.

What do you wish to be called? Healthcare Media Academy was our choice. Brittney chose The Nerdy Nurse because it reflects her interest in both technlogy and nursing . Kati chose FreshRN because it is apparent that her goal is to train future nurses. Begin by considering what you wish your brand to represent. Consider what you enjoy and what gets you enthusiastic, and attempt to incorporate that into your name. Keep a look all the chapter in The Nurse’s Reference to Blogging that focuses on your industry and messaging if you’re not certain what your website or brand name to be.

So, now that you’ve decided on a web domain, check to see if it’s available to buy and afterwards set up hosting. Each of these tasks can be completed on the same website.

Setting up WordPress

You’ll have to setup WordPress once you’ve secured your web domain and set up hosting.

WordPress is the most popular platform that runs on the back end of a weblog. The beautiful thing with WordPress is that this is extremely user-friendly, has a ton of customizable features, free plugins, is extremely SEO-friendly, and is also the ideal solution for blogging. 

Make It Look Nice

You’ve just become the proud owner of a completely new nursing website after installing wordpress on your hosting.   This is when the real fun begins. Your blog’s style and layout are entirely up to you. Don’t panic, it’s not quite as difficult as it appears. Remember how I claimed WordPress was a breeze to use? It’s really simple to personalize without any prior knowledge of HTML or code.

First and foremost, decide on a subject. There are thousands of free Plugins and themes to choose from on WordPress, But if you want to seriously build a professional nursing website, then you need a premium wordpress theme that makes your website look more professional, and divi is one of the best premium wordpress themes on the market

Divi Layout For Professional Nursing Home Service.

Divi is ideal for creating highly personalized webpages. It genuinely enables anyone to design a stunning website. When you’re wanting to set up a website for a nursing home, the Nursing Home Layout Pack for Divi is a great option. Although this theme kit was designed primarily for nursing homes, you may adapt it to fit any type of small company website. With all of the little detailed design and functional layouts at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create a stunning website in minutes!

To use this nursing home layout pack you have to buy a divi theme license and download it from within your wordpress dashboard after you activate your divi license. for more details on how to install this layout pack you can see it in the video below

Divi licenses sell for 89 dollars a year or 249 dollars for lifetime licenses, but for a limited time you can get a 20% discount for purchasing Divi on this page.

In conclusion, if you need a professional website but you are not a web designer then divi theme builder is the right solution for you, not only this layout pack but also hundreds of website layout packs from various niches, not only that every week you will get professional new pack layouts for your needs

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