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Will Visual Page Builder Plugin have an Effect on SEO?

Written by Firman


Pretty much regardless of whether you are a web designer or a customer concerned with updating website content, the right WordPress visual page builder will help both sides.

A WordPress visual page builder make it simple to instantly create beautiful sites with an easy-to-use interface that enables customers to make plenty of their own improvements once a web project is complete. No coding skills needed.

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In fact, like all the other great things in this world, there was a catch.

Weebly and Wix are some website management solutions that are very popular with skilled web designers due to their drag-and-drop website creation features and their effect on Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

Massive non-semantic code and markup related to the use of these apps have an effect on the speed of the page and the capability of Google to index the site for the related searches. With all of this in mind, the concern that eventually arises are whether or not the right WordPress visual page builder plugins would also trigger similar SEO issues.

Well, how precisely can a WordPress visual page builder do for an effect on SEO? Let’s take a large dive into this subject.

How Visual Page Builder Impact SEO on Your Website?

There are several factors that may influence your website’s opportunity to appear on the related search engine results—a significant aspect of that has to do with basic structure or design of the website.

For good reason, many business owners view Search engine optimization as one of the most significant components of doing online business. Local businesses will also take benefit when it starts paying priority to this marketing strategy. It is difficult to be successful if SEO is not considered during the website design and development process. It is even a lot harder to get back with the SEO “renovation” than starting with professional SEO practice in the beginning.

Most visual page builder plugins use heavy non-semantic code and markup, and also many SEO specialists think this may hinder SEO on your website. All those simplified codes also are recognized as shortcodes, which many WordPress page builder plugins use to help non-coders access features.

On a related note whenever it refers to consider the effect of shortcodes, it is important to understand the effect of a page builder WordPress plugin on page speed. Before we continue, it’s important to remember that several of the page builders plugin don’t actually slow down web pages — their effects on page loading have much to do with the complexity of how the website content structure are found inside them.

It returns to the shortcodes again. You may think of shortcodes as a shortcut, but anytime anyone comes to visit a webpage, shortcodes will have to be extend to the long-form code, it require a high demand from the web server. A small delay in loading your webpage can affect your search engines ranks.

Divi Page Builder and SEO

Divi Page Builder is already SEO friendly and can be further improve with good SEO practice as strongly advised by Elegant Themes. Similar to the plugin developer name, Elegant Themes is the most amazing elegant WordPress design. Divi’s shortcodes state that they do not have a negative effect on SEO.

Through Pingdom, Pagely reported the use of Divi Builder end in grade A results, a loading time of 463ms, and was found to be faster among 97% of the websites tested.

This complete Divi Page Builder analysis by DigitalGYD also showed that Divi Page Builder includes all of the SEO capabilities that WordPress sites must have, including the inclusion of a canonical URL feature, schema markup,  a great website design structure, and the capability to insert meta descriptions and titles.

The designed-in Divi breadcrumbs features makes it so that you don’t need a SEO WordPress plugin to grab the breadcrumbs information.

Yoast SEO Plugin and Visual Page Builder

The WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is among the most powerful SEO plugins in the market. It is undoubtedly the most popular SEO plugin on WordPress community. It’s extremely user-friendly and has over 5 million user’s installations.

Not every WordPress page builder is compliant with this popular SEO plugin. Many users of WordPress often raised questions about the Yoast plugin results when using specific visual page builder plugin.

It is important to note that certain page builder WordPress plugin developers have made a point to build products that interact very well with Yoast SEO plugin like Divi Page Builder. Obviously, to use a page builder which is compatible with the SEO plugin gives us an advantage in the search engine optimization efforts.

Last Things: How can the SEO Impact on Page Builders Plugin?

Do all the visual page builders impact SEO? In certain ways, the answer is true, but there are a lot of disinformation regarding this claim.

WordPress visual page builder and equal (theme, web host, another WordPress plugins, etc.)  won’t have a vital effect on the SEO of your web page. That is being said, you need to think regarding best SEO strategies as they apply to your website structure and design in order to be effective on optimizing your website.

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