Divi’s simplicity makes it perfect for e-commerce sites. It is well integrated with WooCommerce as well as other ecommerce systems. It’s true that there are a lot of e-commerce websites out there designed with Divi theme. In this post, we’ll look at 8 samples of Divi e-commerce site designs to help ignite your curiosity.

Such websites have fascinating templates, shopping pages, and product pages. Most of them provide fascinating design for shop and product pages, and several provide add-ons for WooCommerce.

1. East of Africa

East of Africa has a clear webpage design that focuses on the business. There are some call for actions on the page to see the different items. Category pages have a wide logo header and a menu bar navigation that scrolls with header. The pages contain a search option and the related categories. The product pages are displayed in 2 columns. The design is straightforward and includes the products suggested.

Site: eastofafrica.com.au

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2. Sweet Cecilys

Sweet Cecilys shows photos as links to categories store  in a multiple column layout that looks identical to a magazine website . The backdrop displays a portion of the company logo. The pages of category have the similar background pattern as the home page and show the products in four sections. The category pages of the WooCommerce widgets in the sidebar are designed to fit the products. The product pages use sidebar to incorporate social media buttons and similar items. This website does have excellent photography product .

Site: sweetcecilys.com

3. Modern Pink Paper

Modern Pink Paper’s website home page appears like a store and have used soft colours to draw potential consumers. It contains CTAs for various categories. the  main category pages are using the same category image, but view the category title over the image. The product pages have quite a lot of colour and customization choices. The customer may pick a color, add a custom name, decide to view the product before it is delivered, and add notes and messages. The description of the product utilizes an accordion for the FAQ.

Site: modernpinkpaper.com

4. One Leaf Designs

One Leaf Designs is a full-scope slider with a CTA shop and a section with the best sellers. The Shop page displays items that overlap the header in a boxed segment. The product pages show the product with all pictures in a shadow box. The style of the text corresponds to the location. It contains links to other items that visitors may like.

Site: oneleafdesigns.com

5. The Bro Basket

The Bro Basket displays header in a full-screen with a CTA shop. A section displays the categories of stores using overlay images. Some other section displays the hand-chosen products. A number of sections on the company profile and what they are doing are seen on the category pages. These parts provide 3D card services. The product page overview area contains full-width videos or customization options. They also provide similar products.

Site: thebrobasket.com

6. Natural Care Shop

Natural Care Shop does have a nice shopping experience design with pictures that link to categories. It makes use of soft colors to cater to the target market. Category pages contain the CTA in the footer and the WooCommerce widgets sidebar . The products are displayed in large pictures. The product pages has related products and styled icons in both the CTA images and the widget .

Site: naturalcareshop.ro

7. Apis Australia

Apis Australia contains category section which displays a number of products in the picture along with a full-width CTA store in the header . The store page shows the similar background in behind store module. A further part of the shop displays complementary items on the similar background. The products are seen with the shadow box. The product pages are basic but provide text types that fit the website and similar products.

Site: apisaustralia.com.au

8. Lahlay

Lahlay displays slide in a full-screen with CTAs for a number of products. It contains a large menu that is hidden on the scroll. Several parts on the homepage showcase the items with large pictures and box shadows. Other several areas include product details with pictures. A lot of images and details on the category pages are displayed in styled accordions, including a shop styled module. The items will be shown in the popups. 

Site: lahlay.com

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