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Amelia The Best WordPress Booking and Appointment Plugin Review

Written by Firman


Amelia is an interesting plugin worth considering if you’re already seeking to locate an appointment booking plugin with an user – friendly design for your service-based website.

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On WordPress, there are multiple free and paid appointment booking wordpress plugins with various functionality. However, almost all of these plugins are only accessible to developers and advanced users.

An appointment booking wordpress plugin with a newbie interface that allows anyone to handle appointments and bookings without having professional WordPress skills was always in demand. Amelia is determined to fill that vacuum.

We look more closely at Amelia, an appointment booking wordpress plugin, in this article to see whether it’s as amazing as it promises to be. Read on to find out what we thought.

What Is Amelia’s WordPress Plugin?

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that makes it simple for clients to make bookings and appointments on your website.

It’s an excellent solution for restaurants, sports clubs, beauty salons, consultancies, and other businesses.

Amelia has a lot of fantastic features, such as a step-by-step booking process for consumers and two-way Google Calendar synchronization compatibility to help workers organize their schedules.

Clients can use Stripe or paypal to pay for appointments. WooCommerce could also be linked to add more payment choices as well as tax and invoice integration.

The Amelia wordpress plugin is intended for a wide range of applications.

When you’re a small company that merely needs a simple mechanism for consumers to book appointments, you can easily create a booking system on your WordPress site and sync it to your own Google Calendar.

What Makes It Unique?

Creating appointment mechanisms on WordPress websites had a number of drawbacks, one of which was that they were difficult to operate for average users. As a consequence, you had to maintain an assistant on hand to keep track of the appointments and synchronize them with your daily schedule.

Amelia provides a solution to this problem by automating the majority of the tasks associated with reservation systems. Many of the essential functions are automated by the plugin, so you only need to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard on rare occasions.

Amelia, for illustration, syncs your Google Calendar with the appointments booked by your clients. This ensures that you are always at top of your schedule. Also it delivers you and your employees email alerts so you realize when to anticipate the next client.

Amelia’s Booking features

Whenever it came to booking features, the Amelia WordPress Booking plugin lets you customize a variety of appointment categories and types, and also select from a variety of appointment presentations.

This enables prospective customers and clients to look for a certain appointment or service, as well as a specific personnel.

You can use the plugin to block bookings on specific days, book special appointments, define global working hours and holidays, and give personal schedules with each worker or area.


Purchases via paypal or Stripe are simple to accept with the Amelia Booking plugin. Additionally, because the plugin works with WooCommerce, you can also provide your clients with even more payment alternatives.


Another useful feature of the Amelia WordPress Booking plugin is the ability to send customers automated appointment reminders. You have the option of receiving email or SMS reminders, which helps to reduce no-shows.

Furthermore, notifications for your staff can be set up so that they are aware once they have an appointments or if one has been rescheduled or cancelled.

Your staff can sync their schedules with their Google Calendars and simply see all of their appointments look at Google Calendar integration.

Reports and the Admin Dashboard

The Amelia WordPress Booking plugin has a user-friendly dashboard as well as the ability to produce and create appointment reports. You can readily view how many appointments have been scheduled, which employees have scheduled appointments, and also how much revenue has been made as a result of those appointments.

You may simply discover which services are the most common as well as whatever services are not performing as well as a result of these data, allowing you to devise a new approach.

Options for Customization

The ability to personalize the Amelia Booking plugin is the plugin’s final important feature. It’s simple to connect with any theme because the plugin has a minimalist and clean style.

Amelia’s Reservations

Inside the plugin interface, however, you can change the Font and background colors. You may also change the fonts used by the plugin to make your text match the rest of your site’s branding. When compared to other plugins, the design and customization possibilities are limited, but they are able to make a customized booking form for your website.

Plans for Pricing

Amelia sets up her WordPress billing in the “license plan” approach. This means that all plans have the same features; the only difference is that you pay extra using the plugin on additional domains.

The standard subscription package, which costs $59 per year, is sufficient for the majority of use cases. This enables you use the Amelia and use all of its advanced booking capabilities from a single domain. The pro plan, that lets users to deploy Amelia on up to three domains, is the greatest value if you wish to utilize the wordpress plugin more on than one domain. The cost of this plan is $109 per year.

Finally, whether you’re a WordPress developer,agency, developer  or large corporation in need of an appointment booking plugin, You may accomplish this with limitless domains by purchasing the developer package for $249 annually.

You can also acquire a lifetime license, which is a fantastic alternative. The standard lifetime license is $189.00, while a three-domain license is $389.00, and an unlimited domain license is $589.00. This could be a very worthwhile acquisition for your organization, depending on your demands. We enjoy that they provide this option because many other plug-in vendors only provide annual billing because it allows them to generate more money over time.

All programs come with a 15-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a try without risk!

Amelia is also available in a free version. It’s available in the WordPress plugin directory, however it’s somewhat limited. We recommend trying out the free version of the plugin to get a feel for the back-end design before subscribing to a paid subscription if you require the additional functionality. The biggest disadvantage of the free version is that it does not allow you to accept payments via Stripe or PayPal, and most additional capabilities are only available on the subscription plans.

Does Amelia Plugin Compatible With Divi ?

When you’re finished, Amelia Booking can be added to any page on your website. Amelia Booking wordpress plugin comes with own block where you can include on the page when you’re using Gutenberg. You may utilize the Amelia Booking shortcodes if you’re using a wordpress page builder such Elementor or Divi.

Should You Purchase It?

Amelia is a one-of-a-kind appointment booking plugin thanks to its gorgeous dashboard design, ease of use, versatile capability, and automation features. It also performs a fantastic job of improving the user experience with its simple step-by-step appointment booking process. Amelia is an excellent choice for a service-based website because of all of these capabilities.

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