Divi Protect Review – Is there any content on your Divi website that needs to be password protected?

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WordPress lets you to password-protect an entire webpage, which is fantastic! Well what if you’d like to restrict access to some parts of your Divi page? The solution is Divi Protect. It gives you the ability to password-protect the certain component on any Divi page.


Make as many password forms as you want.

Create a password-protected form over every Divi section that, when the proper password is entered, will show the content put in the Divi section. Click HERE to establish a secure password.

Password Forms with No Limits

By using Divi page builder or Divi Protect, create the password protection form look more interesting.

Define Cookie Passwords

You can specify how long the password is stored in the user’s browser using this plugin. This is an excellent method for ensuring maximum safety.

DIVI Protect Frequently Asked Questions

My protect section in the visual builder isn’t working?

On the plugin Page Sections, you can’t utilize the Visual Builder to make a protect element. The reason for this is that Divi’s visual builder needs the custom post to be available publicly, which we cannot do for obvious security reasons.

Upon this protected section, you can utilize the traditional builder. To do so, go to Divi > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced, then check the box next to “Enable Classic Editor.”

Is it possible to protect a whole page?

This plugin isn’t meant to protect a whole page; instead, it’s meant to password-protect parts of a website, on the other hand, will secure your whole page if you make it in the Divi Protect Page Sections.

The material behind the Protect Module is not hidden.

The text placed underneath the Protect module is not hidden. To utilize this plugin go to the the plugin Sections page and add all the material you wish to be secured it into custom-built Divi section.

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