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Speedup Your Divi Website Using Divi Nitro From Divi Engine

Written by Firman


Is the Divi site running slowly?

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Divi Nitro Review – Since speed is important to both search engines as well as visitors, your Divi site should load as rapidly as feasible.

The reliability of your webserver and the utilization of a CDN are two elements that will help your Divi site load faster. Although Divi Nitro are unable to provide direct assistance with these issues, Divi Nitro wordpress plugin has a number of amazing features which will give your Divi website that extra push of speed to get it across the final corner.

Features of Divi Nitro

Deferral of Assets

When a visitor visits your Divi site, the browser loads every visual elements (such as photos) at the same time. This causes your website to load slowly.

The excellent thing would be that Divi Nitro plugin addresses this issue by directing the browser to load assets just once they are required. Your consumer will have a better experience as a result of this deferment.

– Postpone the Video Module

A Vimeo or Youtube video to your site is an excellent way to communicate with your customers. One issue concerning videos is that the more you had upon your Divi site, the longer it will take to load. With our Video Defer Module, we get the answer.

-JS Deferral

Whenever your Divi website opens for your visitor, this function assures that JS (Javascript) files don’t get in the way. JS files being queued for execution after the DOM is loaded, instead of running whenever the page first loads. This feature will provide your customers with a smooth loading experience.

-Use Divi Images if you’re looking for something a little different

All background and other pictures are deferred by Divi Nitro’s advanced deferral features. Your consumers’ browsers load all of your pictures at once and then when they visit your Divi website, this slows it down. To provide a speedier experience for your users, we recommend deferring the loading of your photographs.

Combination & Code Minification

A Divi site is composed entirely of code. Programming code is a language with characters like brackets and colons in it. Bloated code is a typical problem on several sites, slowing down their speed.

The excellent thing is that Divi Nitro wordpress plugin will use combination and minification to remove unneeded code and extra space on your Divi site, enhancing its speed.

-Minification of HTML

HTML minification is recommended by Google’s PageSights for a purpose. It increases page rendering performance without affecting the program or the user’s experience in any way. 

-Minification and Combination of CSS

The larger a CSS file is, the longer it takes to load. We introduced a tool in Divi Nitro that enables you to configure of both combination and minification of your CSS to reduce the CSS of your Divi website. This feature will improve the speed of your Divi website.

-JS Combination & Minification

JS minification improves your Divi sites’ Javascript, while JS combination combines the whole of your JS files under one location, requiring your user’s browser to just ask to your scripts once. Both strategies result in more efficient JS code processing and, as a result, a speedier Divi site.

Cleaning up the script

This function removes obsolete and superfluous code (scripts) on your Divi site, allowing you to execute only the code you require. What is the final outcome? Your clients will benefit from the increased speed of a leaner codebase that is free of unnecessary baggage.

Modifications to the htaccess file

Divi Nitro contains four powerful features that boost the speed of your Divi site by utilizing the.htaccess file. The following is a list of these features.

-Take use of browser caching

A browser must download all of the code, as well as photos and videos, from your webserver each time it opens your Divi site. The more files a browser must load, the longer it takes to load your Divi site and the slower it will be. By saving several of the files on your user’s browser, browser caching helps to accelerate the running of your Divi site.

-Compression with Gzip

Before sending your Divi site files to the user’s browser, Gzip compresses them to small packets of data. The time it would take for the files to get the browser is decreased by making them smaller. We’ve observed this function cut the size of certain files by nearly to 70%.


When HTTP Keep-Alive is enabled, numerous HTTP requests can be sent and received over the same TCP connection. As a result, the latency is reduced, and your Divi website loads faster.

-Headers for Cache Control

Cache-Control is also an HTTP header which specifies how long a file should be cached for. Divi Nitro can cache scripts for one month pictures in a year if you enable this functionality.

Divi Nitro Frequently Asked Questions

A. Can I use Divi Nitro with any WordPress theme?

Divi Nitro script minification works with all WordPress themes, however the deferral program only works with Divi Builder-based themes like Divi, Extra, and others.

B. Help! After use Divi Minification, the site breaks.

When utilizing Divi Nitro, one thing to keep in mind is that each Divi website is unique. This means that if you minify all of the Javascript and CSS files in one go, it’s possible that your Divi site will break. Do not be concerned if this occurs. Follow the steps under or email their for assistance.

1.) Clear the Javascript minification queue of all JQuery files.

2.) Clear both the Javascript and CSS queues of all your scripts. Then, one at a time, add these in, emptying your Divi Builder cache and browser cache before checking the frontend to see whether everything is functioning correctly. Continue until all Javacript and CSS files have been added to Divi Nitro’s Divi Minification area.

C. Is it possible to seek a refund?

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble using Divi Nitro wordpress plugin – their support ready to help. Please note, although, that they only issue refunds if there really is a problem on their end. If that’s the case, they will gladly process your refund.

However, if there is an incompatibility problem with some other software program (besides WooCommerce with Divi BodyCommerce), they cannot be held liable and would not be able to provide a refund, but their support will do everything we can to resolve the issue.

D. What about after-sales service?

Divi Engine take delight in assisting their clients. If you require assistance, please submit a ticket through your account and they will respond as quickly as possible. Please be aware that when you purchase one of divi engine plugins, you will receive one year of help for that wordpress plugin.

You will receive one year of assistance if you buy a lifetime license. If you require assistance after this year, you must buy another year of assistance unless it plugin is malfunctioning, where in case they will continue to provide free support.

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