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Create Actress Or Actor CV Website Using Actor CV Divi Layout

actor cv layout

Written by Firman


If you are an actor or artist who wants a career in the world of entertainment, you should start promoting who you are by making a cv or resume about who you are. Creating a website is one way to promote yourself, your work to artists, agents or casting directors.

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With the increasing number of competition in the world of entertainment you need a website with a professional appearance. This will make people interested in knowing who you are. You can hire a web developer to build a website, but you need a high budget for that. As an alternative you can build your own website. Today you can find a wide variety of website builders to help you to create your own website.

WordPress is a very popular online platform. The platform is very easy to use for those of you who do not have knowledge of web programming. WordPress itself is available for free and you can create your website easily. Although if you want to make your website more professional you need a wordpress theme and a page builder.

Dvi is one of the wordpress page builder that is recommended by many professional web designers. With Divi you can build your website easily by using the drag and drop visual interface builder. Divi also provide hundreds of design layouts for your website with various niches. With premade layout templates, you don’t need to build a website from scratch. If you’re still not satisfied with the design provided, you can customize it. It’s because divi also included with the visual drag and drop builder to desain your website easily.

Divi Actor CV Layout Pack

An exquisitely finished Actor CV Layout Package was produced by Divi team. This package includes anything an aspiring actress or actor needs to quickly launch a beautiful CV (or résumé) website. The kit includes a specific resume page for listing work history as well as a gallery page for all those lovely headshots. Even the areas with acting reel highlights video look fantastic. The layouts are entirely original and created to wow. Take a look at it and try it out right now!

divi actor cv layout pack

Key Elements

Any actor or actress wishing to advertise their resume online can use this Actor CV layout kit. Both The Gallery page and  the Résumé page layouts are significant improvements to the package which will make it simple to quickly and easily upload your own job history and images. With overlapping features and lovely colors which make your information stand out, the layout is both recognizable and distinctive.

Actor CV Divi Layouts Demo Page

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