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Create Software Marketing Website Using Divi Software Marketing Layout Pack

divi software marketing

Written by Firman


Are you a software developer and want to promote your software to the market? Selling software is not an easy matter for some people, you must have a website with a professional design and be able to attract your target consumers. Creating software and building a website are two different things, therefore you need to consider your needs and your promotional strategy.

WordPress may be familiar to you who are also a programmer. With all the conveniences it has, it doesn’t take you long to build a website. With wordpress you can create a website easily especially with the block system introduced in the latest version of wordpress.

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Although WordPress already has a system that makes it easy for you to build a website, you need plugins and themes to make it more powerful. With the Divi wordpress theme you can have two advantages at once, namely a wordpress theme with hundreds of premade layout designs and also a visual page builder that helps you design your own website.

If you want to make website marketing software, Divi already provides premade layout designs that you can use for it. If you still want to improve an existing design or maybe build a website from scratch, a visual builder with a drag and drop website element system will make it very easy for you to quickly build website marketing software.

Divi Software Marketing Layout Pack

Divi Design crew have put together a fascinating software marketing design  layout bundle with nine different pages. Excellent illustrations and detailed pages enhance the entire look and experience of this layout pack, ensuring that the website has everything it needs to communicate with all of its readers.

divi marketing software layout pack


The Divi software marketing layout bundle is perfect for any tech-related website. The engaging illustrations that are featured raise the professionalism degree of your website and strengthen the branding of your business. The divi software marketing layout package includes 9 unique layouts that enable you to create a software marketing site from the scratch within only a few clicks.

Live Demo

For a live demo from each of the designs included with the bundle, click on this link below.

Software Marketing Divi Layout Pack

divi discount

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