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How To Build Coffee Shop Website by Using Divi Theme

Coffee Shop Website

Written by Firman


In recent years, we’ve witnessed a coffee shop revolution. Cafés have gone a long way, from old-style coffee shops to workspaces with all you need to serve coffee.

Numerous coffee business owners use the internet to increase their customer base. It does, however, create certain difficulties. Placing a coffee shop available on the internet, for instance, implies that visitors may not have the same sensation as they would in a real shop; as example, they would not be able to taste the flavor or smell it.

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To amaze everyone who visits your coffee shop’s website, you’ll need a stunning design that evokes the ambience of the real thing. You’ll need to choose a the best wordpress theme or design for this.

Why Would You need a Coffee Shop Website?

Websites bring in new visitors.

Online presence for your cafe allows you to reach out with an even larger audience. The wonderful aspect regarding the internet today is that everyone can quickly find your site. Search engines can learn something about your product and bring in more clients if you have a website. Your coffee shop will appear when someone searches for “coffee cafes around me.”

Enhance your brand’s image

Why Would You must have a Website to Your Coffee Shop, Coffee Shop Friends? 

You have control over your brand when you have a website. Your website’s appearance, feel, and content are all unique to you. While social networking is beneficial to your company, owning your own website allows you far more control. It’s not only about the drinks at your coffee shop; it’s also about the environment. You can replicate that atmosphere on your website! Creating a website for your cafe is an excellent approach to maintain your desired brand reputation.

Create Trust On Your Customers

Customers will trust you more if you have your own website. They get direct access to your hours, menu,and policies! Your clients don’t have to be concerned with getting the most up-to-date information. You may develop trust with your consumers by building a website on your coffee shop.

What is the definition of a coffee shop website?

A website for a coffee shop is comparable to a website for a restaurant, both of which are classified as business websites. A cafe website must describe the café’s story, introduce customers to the food, and provide the cafe’s location accessible.
Frequently, the website includes photographs of delectable foods and beverages, all of which are surrounded by brilliant colors. Many cafe websites have a cleaner style with blacks and whites tones, with some other colour or two thrown in for good measure.

Structure of a Coffee Shop Website

The cafe website has a structure that is nearly comparable to that of the restaurant website, and it is also a multi-page website.


Depends on the cafe’s theme design, the webpage begins by introducing visitors to the coffee shop and provoke a certain range of feelings and associations. If it’s a family restaurant, for example, the colors and imagery will strive to evoke a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere. If it was a modern coffee shop, or a “posh” cafe, but at the other side, the design has been almost surely going to be pricey, and the website should be very attractive, either with a black or white  background. Of course, there really are alternative options, but the website’s goal is apparent. It needs to set the tone and provide easy access to another pages.

About This Page

The cafe’s and its proprietors’ backstories are frequently featured on the about page. This is a vital page for specific sorts of cafés because it can establish a connection with the audience and urge people to visit the coffee shop.

Menu Page

The menu section is an essential component of any cafe’s website. Potential customers need to see if you do have the New York Dessert or if you provide anything like apple strudel. They would like to visit and have fun, and knowing if you offer the items they enjoy will certainly motivate them to do so.

Contact Us Page

Besides the apparent contact details, it’s standard practice to include a map of your location on the contacts section. It aids in people finding you and is essential for any cafe.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Cafe Website

Create a WordPress blog and choose a hosting provider to start building your coffee shop website.

Website Builder for Coffee shops

Divi  is a fantastic website builder for coffee shops. It has a simple interface that allows you to drag and drop all of your required features.

WordPress Theme Design for Cafe Websites

There are various cafe webpage themes accessible that may help you design a cafe website in a fraction of the time. Make sure you go out of your way to find them. Caffe shop owner that want to build a professional website easily can use divi theme to build your website more professional with drag and drop builder so you didnt have to code anything to create website, divi also include coffee shop layout pack on their package so you can use it or modify it easily to build beautifull elegant website for your audience.

Divi Theme Coffee Shop Layout Pack

Divi is a fantastic theme for creating coffee shop websites. There are even various Divi coffee shop layouts to get you started.
We’ll explore some Divi layouts which are ideal for coffee businesses in this article. They also work for cafes, bistros, bakeries, and other businesses. The majority of them are free, and that they all include some attractive design aspects.

Coffee House Layout Pack (Free)

Coffee House is a onepage design for coffee shops, cafes, and similar businesses. It does have a background picture and a full-width hero area. In the overlay, the slogan and business hours are displayed. A collection of icons with stylized buttons appear beneath this to lead you towards the various elements of the layout. A menu section includes descriptions and employs exquisite title effects. Pictures of the shop, as well as information, are displayed in a multi-column arrangement. The text and images in the About part overlap with the next part, which is a themed testimonial slider. Text from of the layout is used in a stylized contact form. A customized footer with a main navigation and social icons is also included, as well as an embedded map.

More Information

Coffee Shop Layout Pack (free)

Landing page, homepage, menu, guide, store, about, blog, and contact are among the eight pages included in the Coffee Shop Layout Pack. A full-screen backdrop image in real parallax is included on the landing page, along with a title, slogan, and a button to view the shop inside the overlay. The sorts of coffee available are described in a part with overhead photos of coffee in mugs. It also offers a menu link. There are numerous sections containing CTAs, photos, blurbs, the blog, and so on. The operation hours and contact information are shown in parallax on a bespoke footer. The above photographs are displayed on the menu page, along with a description and costs. Several of the CTAs may be found on the shop page. There are photos of mugs, coffee, and other relevant products included, and they are all free for using.

More Information

Two Cafe (Free)

Two Café is also a one-page coffee shop layout. It has a full-screen backdrop image with a coffee-colored overlay that is quite opaque. It features a thick frame with a coffee emblem that overlaps. This overlapping icon can be found in many other areas. The tittle, logo, and tagline are all included in the overlay. The next section is divided into two columns by a stylized vertical divider. Following this is a similar area with a food menu that displays the food as text alongside prices and descriptions. It also has a grid gallery, a contact area with business hours, contact information, and social media buttons, as well as a contact form as well as an embedded map.

More Information


Like other website builders, you will also find many free divi layout packs that are widely shared by divi developers out there. If you are not satisfied with the free layout packs available, you can also buy the premium layout packs at the Elegant Theme Marketplace, which are of course designed by professional division web designers.

To use all of the layout packs above you will need a divi theme license which retails for $245 for a lifetime license or $89 for a year, but you can buy it at a 20% discount on this page for a limited time.

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