The natural product market of juice is segmented into different categories based on type, including 100 percent organic food juice, juice drinks, nectars, extracts, powdered juice, and many others. Juice drinks currently account for the majority of the entire market and are the most well-known item category. Juice drinks are popular among consumers since they include a few nutrients, tastes, and anti-oxidants.

Due to the presence of numerous small and major companies who are in direct competition with one another over quality and price, the industry is very fragmented.

Fruit juices offer quick nutrient absorption, which is why IMARC estimates that global fruit juice consumption has achieved a values that represent of 43 billion  litres and is growing at a CAGR of 1.8 percent. Since the emergence of e-commerce, several entrepreneurs are preparing to market fruit juices online in order to meet growing demand from a global clientele.

Considering these items before creating an online juice shop!

You ought to come up with a brand name for your juice store.
You require the greatest juicing device.
Include more juice varieties
Consider consumer feedback
You require a reliable delivery system.

Order a Domain and Hosting

A domain is the name of your website, and hosting is the location where the website’s files are kept along with a control panel.
You may control all of your website data there. Make careful to purchase a quality hosting when you purchase a hosting package. Because it’s crucial for website traffic, SEO, and other factors.  You can choose Easywp from namecheap, it’s the best wordpress managed hosting service with affordable price only $4.8 permonth

Activate WordPress

WordPress is a PHP-based, open-source cms system that works with either a MariaDB or a MySQL database. Plugin and template system, known as Theme in WordPress, are among the features.

Pick the appropriate theme

WordPress theme that compatible with WooCommerce and also have drag and drop builder system will satisfy you. As a result, it will give you a lot of tools to quickly create and develop an online drink shop. Thanks to a drag-and-drop layout and a variety of configurable options, you can alter the look of your site, add the drink menu, and describe your products with high-resolution photographs.

Additionally, all online shopping features will be available to help your consumers quickly and easily choose, choose, and place orders. You can choose from a wide range of available template variations to further enhance the uniqueness of your website. Additionally, a multi-color style is available for you to use and easily change your site’s color if you need to update its design. Last but not least, Divi includes a fully responsive style to help you achieve it efficiently. This will allow your customers to view your site regardless of the devices they use.

Divi crew have designed a fresh Juice store Layout Package. Each of the eight featured pages in this collection features a gorgeous mix of vibrant colours and clear graphics. The pages provided go far beyond design demands of anyone wishing to update their website juice store, such as a menu page, a shop page, a recipes page, as well as a cleanses page to display juice cleansing member packages. So, take this out for yourselves!

Key Elements

The Juice Shop layout set is good looking to say the very least. The homepage’s header has a cozy, welcoming feel. Numerous vivid, vibrant graphics with light backgrounds are being used throughout and call for attention. The structure of content is sensible and accessible for everyone wishing to touch the ground working with a fresh site. And the use of vibrant background colours on featured products and CTA’s complement images of the product pretty nicely. Enjoy!

Live demonstrations

To view a live demo of several of the designs in the pack, click one of the links bellow.

Juice Shop Divi Layouts Demo

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