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Create Training Management Website Using Learning Management Divi Layouts

learning management system layout

Written by Firman


LMS is a website that offers courses online and/or learning programs . It offers the option for students or employees to receive training and study online.

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In such words, an LMS serves as a modern substitute for traditional information-strategy like training sessions and lectures. When implemented properly, this configuration gives a simple approach to manage a class.

Depending on your goals, an LMS may serve a variety of purposes. LMS frequently utilized to provide pertinent materials or whole courses that the students could access and finish. You can easily check students’ development by deploying and track those classes with the assistance of a good LMS solution.

Whether that’s for students or employees, having the proper resources to assist the training process is crucial. However, figuring out the best strategy for doing this might be challenging. The problem with Online training materials may be too complicated, loaded with unnecessary features, and most importantly, expensive.

Fortunately, there is a superior option. WordPress is frequently used to create blogs, company websites, and online marketplaces, but the platform may also function effectively as a learning management system. WordPress is an efficient, powerful, and economical piece of software that is perfect for delivering online training.

You may create practically any type of website you can think of with WordPress, including online learning programs. You may turn a platform into a powerful Learning Management System by using wordpress website with the correct tools, enabling you to provide lessons, accept students, and even make money.

Making a WordPress LMS

You’ll need to check at a certain WordPress LMS plugins in order to establish your online classroom. Let’s go over the fundamentals so you can get started right away, Choosing the goal of your learning website is the first step in doing this.

Select the LMS’s primary goal.

You probably realize what subjects or market you wish your online learning to concentrate on if you’re reading this. You must still decide what the overarching objective of your project will be. This typically refers to one of 2 things:

You wish to offer free education to individuals.
You wish to sell online courses for money.

As you may already be aware, there is money to be gained in the lucrative online learning sector . You can easily investigate this option because the majority of the LMS WordPress plugins that we’ll be looking at have some monetization possibilities.

Remember that you can combine several strategies if you choose. In reality, keeping some courses on your LMS private while making other content available for free is frequently a wise choice. In this manner, you can build a clear conversion funnel and give students a sample of your classes.

Install the WordPress LMS plugin.

As we already discussed, there are numerous WordPress LMS plugin alternatives. But we’ve picked out the top three and reduced the list. Let’s investigate them!

Lifter LMS –  This plugin  has a beautiful user interface and is a free plugin. The owner’s dashboard has been successful in turning into a full-featured control panel with all issues. Many different elements can be included.LearnDash 

LearnDash  – The most feature-rich LMS plugin is LearnDash. You can use the drag and drop builder to create both the curriculum and the look of the class. Different features assist class in different ways.

Teachable A plugin that is most knowledgeable about instructor needs allows you to enter the Teachable network or build courses on your own website. has the most comprehensive and cutting-edge marketing strategies.

For your LMS website, select the best theme.

You’ll need the appropriate themes for your WordPress LMS plugin once you’ve chosen one for your LMS project. Divi, possibly the most widely known WordPress theme around the market, includes a page builder that is so simple to use that you can quickly create a website using it.

When designing your LMS site, its sophisticated drag and drop page construction feature eliminates the need for coding. You have complete control over your LMS site when you add a variety of design options to the mix.

Numerous crucial components, such sliders,  forms, calls to action, galleries, blogs,  and testimonials, are included with Divi. Along with custom designs, you also receive over than 800 pre-made choices.

The Divi design team never ceases to amaze us with beautiful layouts. This layout set is no different. A  Learning management system layout pack that is ideal for any e-course website is what I’m happy to share with divi user.

Are you considering online course delivery? Do you need to update your present e-course website? You’ll have the jumpstart you need in a matter of minutes with this 9 page layout. Don’t forget that this package also contains a free download of so many lovely graphics, icons, and photos!

Key Features

DiVi LMS page layouts required for every e-course website were included in the layout package. It features a fantastic marketing page to advertise your course (s). The courses page features a well-designed grid style that shows every course including a brief description, making it ideal for offering any number of courses. Another incredibly clever feature is the CTA at the bottom of each page.

With DIVI LMS, The blog posts are shown on the blog page by using the blog module in a neatly centred fullwidth layout. To support the fullwidth style, ensure your posts have high-quality featured photos. Additionally, be sure to pick the categories you wish to appear in the blog element of the blog layout so that the entries will appear.

Live demos

To view a live demo of every of the layouts inside the package, click one of the links bellow.

Learning Management (LMS) Divi Layouts Demo

divi discount

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