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Create Online Course With Online Course Divi Layouts

Written by Firman


Do you wish to develop an online course as an instructor, teacher, or other educator? Or perhaps you’re an authority on a specific topic and want to make money from it? Have you already thought about creating your own website for an online course?

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Online courses have developed into much more than just a cutting-edge method of advertising goods and services. Today, everyone with a particular expertise can use courses as a potential passive income stream to spread information while making a little additional money.

Online courses provide a quick and appealing approach to share expertise and package information for many organizations.

They can be employed to increase authority as well. to increase the number of brand followers and to astonish website visitors enough to turn them into customers.

What is an online course ?

An systematic method of providing information about a subject is through an online course  It often follows a study schedule and is divided into units that indicate the student’s progress through the course.

Students taking online classes receive content in all common digital formats, including text, photos, audio, and video.

The addition of extra information like ebooks, lectures, code repositories, and visual assets as films sets excellent courses online apart from the conventional.

This enables the students to apply what they have learned about the subject in real-world situations.

The extensive contact between the lecturer and student distinguishes online courses from other offline and online formats in another significant way.

Frequently, students can ask questions by email or on a discussion board. In either case, kids receive a prompt reaction from the teacher or other students, forging an important sense of community.

Why Create Your Own Site Rather Than Using an Online Course Platform

Well, having total control over your goods or services is always preferable. Let’s say your online course website serves as the host for your instructional operations. After that, you will be in complete control of how you wish to communicate with your target audience.

However, if you are using a course solution like Teachable or Udemy, you won’t have as much freedom to promote your course or communicate with your students.

On the other side, you can run things your way if you have your personal online course website. You have access to a few design tools with Divi. Due to this, even those without coding experience can construct whatever WordPress website they choose using Divi.

Divi Online Couse Layout Pack

The Divi layout pack offers everything you need to launch an online course web site if you’re seeking for a brand-new look. The layouts in the bundle are specifically designed to display courses, memberships, course chapters, price, and other information. Additionally, you can use the customized course graphics and icons in the set without any limitations for free.

divi online course layout

This page layout kit contains:

  • 7 readymade page designs for an online class that were thoughtfully created 
  • Original, free-of-charge images and graphic elements and a source file that can be modified
  • Additionally, there is a significant selection of pre-designed website components that are adaptable and portable.

The above layout pack is the most recent addition to our expanding Divi library, which already includes 250+ readymade layout packs, 1800plus webpage designs, and innumerable website design resource and elements. It is available freely to all Divi clients from inside Divi.

Online Course Divi Layouts Live Demo

divi discount

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