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Create Podcast Website With Podcaster Divi Layouts

Written by Firman


There are many advantages to creating your own podcast website. There are many podcasters who would like to establish a website but don’t believe they always had the time or knowledge to do so. 

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No longer is it necessary to employ a developer or become a coder. There are several platforms available nowadays that allow you to create any type of website. Though they have been around for a while like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are not truly geared for podcasters.

Do You Really need a Website for Podcasts?

A website is not necessary for a podcast, but the advantages of having one are now almost too big to miss.

The fact that podcasts are available in so many locations is one of their major advantages. All of your podcasts are uploaded, shared, and saved on one that you make by enrolling with a podcast hosting service.

Once your podcast is up and running, it may be found in a ton of directories and apps devoted to curation and listening. The two major players are Spotify and Apple/iTunes. However,  Overcast,  Podchaser,and Podcast Addict are among additional well-liked websites.

There are plenty of couches available for your podcast to sleep on. However, you might need to provide it with a separate house. In this manner, you can choose the menu, beverages, and wall decor while also inviting listeners over for a visit.

Consider this: When someone sees your show in a directory, they will see the essentials, like your title, logo, description, and episode list. However, you have the ability to customize someone’s experience when they go to a podcast website which you manage. This can be used for a variety of things, including monetization (such as the sale of goods or services) and putting your finest episodes front and center on a “Start Here” page.

Create a WordPress podcast website.

Probably one of the best platforms for creating websites, WordPress supports 38% of the internet. WordPress powers some of the most popular podcast websites, including those for Tim Ferris, Freakonomics, Crime Junkie, and Office Ladies.

WordPress has quickly emerged as the platform of choice for creating podcast websites because it allows for a great deal of customisation, allows users to start basic and gradually add layers of sophistication, and is both easy for novices to understand and effective for specialists.

You can start developing your website as soon as you have a domain name, hosting configured with your domain name, and the wordpress theme.

WordPress themes for podcasts

You should consider several factors when choosing a WordPress podcast website template, including:

  • An easy-to-use audio player
  • a quick, light theme that will make your visitors feel welcome.
  • Design options that let you alter the appearance to meet your branding
  • updated frequently and available assistance
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design

The good news is that Divi unquestionably satisfies each need.

Divi Podcaster Layout Pack

The layout pack offers everything you need to launch any podcast website quickly if you’re seeking for a brand-new look for your podcaster website. Each layout is fascinating to explore thanks to the vibrant colors and unique images. Additionally, the bundle comes with special webpages to display your episodes inside a way that will appeal to your audience.

Divi Podcast Layout Pack

The design team has produced a stunning Podcaster Layout Package that will make it easy for you to launch your upcoming Podcaster website. This page layout kit contains:

  • Original, royalty-free images and graphics plus an editable source file
  • Six premade page layouts carefully crafted for any podcast website. 
  • Additionally, there is a significant selection of pre-designed website components that are adaptable and portable.

The whole layout pack is the most recent addition to our expanding Divi library, which already includes 250+ readymade layout packages, 1800+ webpage designs, and innumerable professional web materials and resources. It is freely available to every Divi customers just inside Divi.

Podcaster Divi Layouts Live Demo

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