Oh, it’s boring to see a screen load. It can also worry if we can’t say what’s going on. When we click on something, we hope to get some input. We would like to know that the machine took our click and got what we needed. Then a preloader can be used to load displays.

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An animated graphic which is shown during the loading phase in the screen, that is the preloaders. They are a perfect way to show some visual details that you are loading the tab, and even entertain the visitor. Instead of regular preloader style, we’ll see how to add a different stylish preloader style using a plugin named DP Preloader in this tutorial. It’s easy to use and your preloader can even be customized to your own.

You can get the plugin from the Divi Market Place. Just search for DP Preloader. It is a third-party plug-in with several ways to view the preloader. It usually costs $13 and requires unrestricted use of websites, assistance and updates for one year. (note: in this Cyber Monday Deal 2020, you can get discount for it).

It has 55 pre-defined preloaders, a custom upload option for preloading a GIF, animation, displaying it on specific sites, hiding it on mobile devices, setting mobile interruptions, etc. It does not fit with white templates, but with the Regular Header or Theme Creator it functions perfectly with the default template. It’s a great option to add pre-produced and customized preloaders to your Divi website.

This is what you will get using the DP Preloader Plugin.

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