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How to Make Your Divi Website More Faster by Using Caching Plugin

wordpress cache plugin

Written by Firman


Nowadays website speed and website loading time have been important. Since  a slower processing web page kill viewership and raise bounce rates, which also has an impact on the health of searches and the overall popularity of web presence.

Among the most crucial ways to enhance the speed of the site is by using a caching WordPress plugin. This is extremely significant for WordPress sites, as aspects like regular content publication and use of multiple WordPress plugins all can reduce site efficiency.

This  article helps to understand the caching system, how this will boost the effectiveness of your WordPress site.  If you’re concerned about the speed of your webpage, you can operate it either through Pingdom or GTmetrix to have an idea of the effectiveness of your website.

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What’s Caching and How would Caching Plugins Process

Whenever a web visitor enters your website for the first time, their web browser connects to the web server and demands all relevant web files (website content from your database, imagery, CSS files and more).

Because to the dynamic essence of the WordPress, different database requests would then operate and retrieve data every time a user comes to visit a website.

In specified ways, a cache is a software/hardware element that enables files and data to be stored. Allowing caching enables the storage of common request active data so only the updated content will be dynamically loaded whenever a site audience comes back to the webpage, leading to a faster loading time.

Usually, there have been two major forms of caching which most plugins deliver: page caching and browser caching.

Page Caching: When a page is requested to load, WordPress runs an amount of calls to collect relevant resources, like the MySQL entries and PHP scripts, in order to view the selected page. A caching plugin would then generate a static version of the pages of the website. Next, trying to bypass dynamic loading and showing slightly smaller and more cached static files would then boost the load speed.

Browser caching: Every time a website is accessed, the web browser asks the server to download all the files related to a specific page (namely CSS files, JavaScript files and images). Caching helps by collecting all such files in the browser cache so that core resources don’t have to be downloaded a twice during multiple visits to the same page, and the page itself would be loaded much quicker due to lower respond to requests.

Although not conventional features, most contemporary caching plugins give a combination of different features like:

Minification: For JS files and CSS, Minification eliminates unnecessary characters from the code without going to affect the usability. Here, features like lines, comments, spaces, etc. are excluded to reduce the overall file size and improve the loading speed.

Gzip Compression: One of several compression techniques, Gzip compresses files and gets back them (lower size files) during requests. Such as compression and  caching -only plugins, Gzip compression could be organised manual process by modifying the code in the.htaccess file.

CDN support: A Content Delivery Network allows static data to be stored in multiple network storage facilities. Especially useful for internet sites that release image-rich content on a consistent basis, using such a CDN will relieve some stress from just a single web server. Even if not all of the webpages would need to make use of CDNs, it is important to note which caching plugins give CDN support in case that they meet the specific needs of your or your customer.

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