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Divi Rocket Review – Premium Caching Plugin Designed For Divi

Written by Firman


Improve performance with a premium cached plugin that designed primarily to make Divi website getting faster.

Start making your webpages load faster, get higher rank  in Search engine, help boost PagesSpeed results, and bring your site audiences longer with Divi Rocket – Speed optimizer plugin for the Divi theme.

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Divi Rocket Fature

  • Browser Cache- make the webpages run faster when a visitor arrives on a site.
  • Divi-aware server-side caching- Serve tinier static HTML types of the Divi modules
  • User-role specific cache controls – accelerate the development by restricting the cache to guests.
  • Database optimization – avoid unwanted data that puts your servers under pressure.
  • Gzip for Divi – reduce size of the file by up to 80% by helping to improve transfer speeds
  • Server Requirement Check – Inspect to make sure that your server is configure properly for Divi.
  • Divi Lazy Load – Divi Controlled Lazy Load just loads content once need it
  • Minify & combine JS/CSS (coming soon)— files compress code without having broken style.
  • CDN (coming soon)—Serve hidden versions of Divi’s core files from all over the world.

Performance Developed for Divi 

Divi Rocket is a one-of-a-kind performance optimizer plugin specifically design for the Divi Theme. Divi Rocket tends to take a focused way of solving Divi Performance problems which other standard WordPress optimization and cache plugins can’t do. Plus, you’re not going to find a slicker interface that’s as simple and user – friendly as the Divi as its own.

You won’t find Divi-aware caching, Divi part managed lazy load, Divi database cleaning, or Divi requirement analysis scanner elsewhere.

Make Your Flying Site

Divi is pack with everything that you need to build a website instantly, but that additional page builder power needs so much resources which can take an impact on your Website speed score.

You have the best of all worlds with Divi Rocket! Build stunning webpages quickly that are quick and efficient for your viewers as well. It’s a win-win thing.

Ranking Higher & Reducing Bounce

Did you know that Google and some other browsers are using page load speed as a ranking variable and visitors stay longer on websites that load quicker? Good SEO is much more than textual key words, meta descriptions, and catchy titles. A faster website will make your site show up in much more search queries, likely to result in more traffic and much more sales. Plus, data shows a 50% larger bounce rate on webpages that end up taking 6 seconds to load compared to 3 seconds.

Easy and Powerful

People don’t have to be an expert on performance optimization  to make your webpage perform better load page . Divi Rocket is doing all the difficult parts for you so that you can speed up the process without having broken style or usability.

Best Browser Caching Controls

Built your webpage to store JavaScript, HTML,  CSS, and images on your browser so that pages are loaded quicker the next time they access. Manage the amount of days that browser must store the cached data and the webpages and posts that you want to exclude from the cache.

Divi-Aware server side caching

Enable server caching to generate and store static HTML versions of webpages on your web server which are smaller and faster to process. Well, that wasn’t all. Divi Rocket’s server cache is Divi-aware – the feature recognize whenever the Divi parts and modules on your pages and posts are already update to rebuild the cache file, so your web visitor are always serve with the newest content.

Cache-Control User Role

Divi Rocket gives more control of what viewer roles you see in the cached webpages to accelerate your development flow of work. If you’re continuously modifying the back-end of your webpage and running tests, this function will save you a lot more time. Only serve readers, visitors, and customers with quicker, cached forms of your webpage.

Optimization of Database

Divi and WordPress are using data management tables so that overtime these tables could really store unneeded fragmented data. With a click of a mouse, Divi Rocket would then clear out unneeded content build-up.

  • Optimize your tables
  • Remove Post Revision Posts
  • Auto Draft Posts Delete
  • Remove Trash Posts
  • Remove Spam/Trashed Comments
  • Delete unsubstantiated comments
  • Remove the expiration date transients
  • Remove Trackback and Pingbacks
  • Remove the Orphaned Post Metadata
  • Remove Orphaned Comment Metadata
  • Remove Orphaned Relationship Data
  • Remove Orphaned Customer Metadata
  • Remove Orphaned Word Metadata
  • Restrict the number of revisions to the post

Compression of Gzip file

Reduce the overall size of the Divi web page by 80 percent . Gzip is a compression method use only for transfer data to smaller and faster users. Divi Rocket lets you use a click to activate Gzip on the webserver.

Analysis of system specification

The Divi website must host on a webserver withDivi’s minimum server specifications get the best result. The question is how you can make sure everything is configure correctly? . Divi Rocket checks your server already optimize or not. The plugin also provide guidance when the server is not meet minimum server configuration.

Divi Lazy Loader

Divi Rocket now provide one more div-specific lazy loading feature. Make webpages quicker by simply loading the content that your guest is looking at. The Lazy loading systems on many cache plugin only focus on loading image, Divi Rocket also can be use to lazy load all of your data on the per (Divi section) basis. User will get complete control of how many parts are initially loaded how many are loaded per query.

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