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Divi Carousel Maker Review

Written by Firman


Create A Carousel on Any Divi Module

There ‘s no reason to keep purchasing unique third-party carousel modules with each and every use case! Simply create a carousel of modules inside the Divi Builder! There is only one size that fits all!

There are over 50 different carousel options to choose from!

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General Settings

Those options allow you to customize and arranged certain essential features that affect way the carousel operates. The number of modules to display per device, the distance from around carousel & modules, vertical alignment, module width,  and cut off option are all factors to consider.

Scroll through the options.

These options give you complete control on how the carousel runs and performs, and they’re ideal for giving your guests the best possible experience. Auto scroll, animation speed, continuous smooth scroll, infinite scroll, scroll interval timing, and scroll direction are some of the choices available.

Configure your navigation

Two alternative navigation methods are available to control the carousel scrolling. Navigation arrows, which can be placed in a variety of locations, or control navigation  dots are two of these choices. All of the relevant position, alignment, or design settings are included in both configurations. You can customize every device’s settings to keep everything even more responsive.

Highlighting Options

To grab attention and emphasis, make the carousel’s center module set out from the others. Advance design options will show after the setting is activated. It will allow you to alter the size, opacity, & blur of other modules.

Hover Controls

There are eleven various hover effects to pick from, including grow, shrink, wobble,  bounce, pulse, and more, with each one allowing you to customize the animation time and other parameters. For site visitors, these exquisite hover effects give a highly pleasant user experience.

Why Did You Pick This Plugin?

Everything has its own settings!

The creator tried to provide as many options and features as they could think of for creating a carousel, and that’s only version 1.0!

In-Builder Integration That Is Ingenious

There’s no need to acquire custom modules for each and every type of carousel anymore! The plugin doesn’t even include modules at all!. The plugin cleverly insert new parameters into the Divi Builder to develop and design a carousel! and you can add everything you want, even standard and third-party modules.

Create Your Own Personality

The carousel plugin not only have great features, It also provide all design options. Using this plugin you can change things such as the nav arrows and dots, spacing, hover effects, etc. You must keep in mind that the modules themselves are responsible for the majority of the design of the carousel.

Everything is mobile-friendly.

The creator  made sure that each of the options are responsive, makes it easy to customize practically everything on your desktop, tablet, or phone. These intelligent and practical options definitely distinguish our plugin, giving just what clients and viewers require!

Exceptional functionality

They attempted to consider every possible setting for a carousel, and some! yes they do. The plugin have settings to alter every aspect of the carousel, making it much easier for users and ensuring a positive user experience for website visitors.

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