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Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting Review – Get 50% Discount

nexcess hosting

Written by Firman


The Liquid Web Group of Brands already launch Nexcess Hosting Service. Nexcess specializes in growing e – commerce cloud solutions, Liquid Web specializes in high-performance managed hosting including managed wordpress hosting.  The Liquid Web Network of Companies has a combined expertise and achievement of over than 24 years. 

Nexcess is among the few hosting providers that refuses to join in the competitive arena for the cheap web hosting package out there. Rather, it aims to provide just the maximum quality web hosting services at a reasonable price.

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These makes it a good choice for smaller companies, popular blogs, ecommerce platforms (including those that use WooCommerce), digital marketer, and much more.

Nexcess continues to innovate and expand, with over 30,000 clients in 130 countries. It also has the endorsement from existing clients, saying to be among the best customer loyalty percentages in the website hosting market.

Features of Nexess Managed WordPress Hosting

Improve the speed of your website

Nexcess built a platform that showcases their team’s focus with hosting performance, whether this is Nginx, image compression, PHP7+, or their custom configurations. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for quicker web stores, membership sites, course materials, or weblog.

Free CDN

Regardless of the size or scope of your website, getting material to users all over the world as rapidly as possible should be a top focus. Fortunately, it has free CDN features, which may be readily turned on from the management panel.

WordPress Plugin Update Solution

We are really concerned that so few managed hosting providers are addressing this issue for you, on automatic update feature. Each night, they build a backup of your website and check plugin changes for customers, so you never have to worry about putting your website up to date.

Control Panel that is Simple to Use

Except for the managed WordPress package, each plan is available with an option of control panels: cPanel or Plesk. Once you select a managed WordPress hosting service, even so, you can only utilize the custom control panel, which has an intuitive interface and allows you to handle many WordPress website from an one location.

For Free, Migrate Your Website

You didn’t have to fear about downtime or extra costs once you’re ready to switch to Nexess Managed WordPress. Nexess  make sure your site transitions smoothly thanks to their white glove assistance and automated solutions. You won’t have to raise a finger to know exactly what is going on with every stage.

When You’re Ready, Upgrade

Most providers have a set of upsells that they follow on a regular basis. This is the last factor you need if you’re in charge of a company. It’ll also be one of the final tasks.

Backups are made automatically every day.

They make daily backups and keep it for 1 month offsite. Do you want to download or restore them? It’s as simple as clicking a button!

WordPress that is fully managed

Nexess handle WordPress updates for you because you don’t have to. Stop looking forward to those releases. They’ve got you covered.

Tools for Developers

A developer’s best friends are SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. That’s why, for whatever website you purchase, they make sure your developer has direct connections to everything.

Staging Site

It’s critical to evaluate your website before it goes live. You need a staging site so that you may check any revisions before they go online.

SSL on the fly

Every website you buy from Nexess comes with own Ssl cert at no extra cost. There’s no need to configure anything, and it’s a lot less work.

Expert assistance that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Their top objective is to make you feel like you’re the most important person in the planet. The crew is well-versed in WordPress, has extensive experience diagnosing bad performance, and will not stop working until your issues are resolved.

Why should you go with Nexess Managed WordPress?

To keep hosting easier, Liquidweb created the greatest WordPress hosting platform. They wi ll take care of the hosting infrastructure while you concentrate on building your business. Learn why we’re the finest option for your project WordPress websites.

There are no pageview or traffic limits.

Are you fed up with being charged for pageviews or overage fees? Pageview counts and overage fees are never charged.

Access to the entire server

Most web hosts restrict who has direct connections to the server. Instead, they give you complete control over the server and database.

They Own Data Center

They won’t be pointing the finger at other service providers. It will be managed and protected for you by Liquidweb company.

Nexcess is a strong website hosting which focuses itself on offering the whole plan for WordPress web owners.

In terms of capability, it clearly outperforms the competition especially compared towards other managed wordpress web servers. Nexcess is an excellent choice for anyone seeking for a dependable web host, offering everything from free website migrations to CDN solutions, as well as 100 percent uptime and round-the-clock support.

Nexcess 50% WordPress Hosting Discount

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