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Divi Gallery Extended Review – The Best Gallery Plugin for Divi Website

Written by Firman


Overview of the Divi Plugin Masonry Gallery

Current visitors are engaging and stunning with masonry picture galleries through Divi Gallery plugin. By using premium extended plugin, you could add multi-functional masonry-style picture galleries to start making the gallery look a lot stylish and better than it was before. Plus, the various features it offers add additional multiple columns to the masonry gallery, hover overlay, space among columns and much more to create an elegant picture gallery.

Well, what could you do with the Expanded Divi Gallery?

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Develop galleries of masonry grid can include many more images as you’d like to be included in it. 10, 20, or even 100, this plugin will accommodate a greater lot of pictures without causing any problems or slowing it down the page builder or your website. And 100 isn’t the max. It’s the best solution for creating beautiful masonry grid galleries to the Divi website.

The Divi Gallery Extended plugin offers you the perfect opportunity to create Divi masonry picture galleries with up to ten columns. So, your pictures will look like a collage, a wall of fame, and so much more with a wealth of beauty and richness.

Attach up to ten columns with the Masonry Gallery.

Simple to insert space among masonry columns

For others, the pictures in the gallery look gorgeous without holes, but for others, the masonry galleries feel awesome with a little room in between. As a result, the divi gallery extended plugin has flexibility so that you do not use any space between both the pictures or insert a custom space among them as needed.

Choose Picture Size as medium, big or full size

Don’t worry when the size of the picture becomes too big or too small. The plugin seamlessly allows and monitors the use of medium, large and full size pictures. Render the size of the image as required by your site.

Apply different boundaries to the images in the gallery

The easy configuration options provided in this plugin allows users to easily add borders to gallery photos. So, interacting masonry grid galleries will look special and gorgeous with no additional work and effort.

Show the pictures of the gallery in the lightbox

Hit them with awe by opening pictures of the masonry gallery inside an immersive lightbox. Any moment guests click on a picture and seeing it a little closer, they will be displayed in a lightbox by the plugin.

Display the title and the caption of photos in the lightbox

The built-in setting throughout the divi gallery module to hide or show the title of the image and the text of the caption. With this choice, the title & caption of your picture won’t look terrible any more. You could configure them as you like and adapt the design to your artistic abilities.

Add customized color to the background of the lightbox

Choose the color you want to see as the background color of the lightbox. It could be solid or it could have an opacity. Make it that suits the theme of your website and its colour palette.

Use a different lightbox color to close the icon and the arrows

Monitor the color selection of the surrounding icon and arrows.

Attach Overlay Impact to the Hover Picture Gallery

Show the overlay color of your choice and even select an icon to display if you want it.

Design Caption and Title With Simple Way

The title and caption format feature in the lightbox enables you to fit the text tone of the lightbox as per your site or picture.

Apply various colors and other effects to Pictures Gallery  

Formatting function for pictures to offer a shadow, a border, etc.

Settings so easy, you’re going to fall in love with that!

In order to provide a convenient and easy-to-use solution, we have developed a configuration that is braked and easy to use.

Get a different lightbox color to close the icon and the arrows

Attach Overlay Impact to the Hover Picture Gallery

Design Caption and Title With Simple

Apply various colors to Gallery Photos

And a lot of choices to make the Picture Galleries look fine and attractive on divi gallery extende plugin.

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