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Brain Blog Review for Divi – Display Your Website Like a Pro

Written by Firman


BrainBlog becomes the Divi addon that shows your Blog content or cpts in different formats and styles. With BrainBlog, you will easily build fascinating news, blogs or magazine webpages using Divi Page Builder.  BrainBlog lets you view Blog content with various templates using different interactive modules, like Text Tickers, Smart Tiles, Post Grid ,Post Masonryand more.

With BrainBlog, you could design display appearance to fit the standard webpage style, templates, configure background modules, Web responsiveness, apply shadows and add borders , adjust typography, and there are several other possibilities to explore with each of the modules of content.

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Discover brainblog  set of modules

Using advanced blog post modules to show a stunning post index which attracts to the viewer with text and images.

1. Divi Post Tiles

The perfect module to display your content in a modern style. You can only view the current popular blog content. By using BrainBlog Post Tiles module, you could quickly show your most attractive blog entries in a clever way. And you’re going to get a range of customizations. This special module is going to make the blog remarkable!

Primary Features of:

  • Support Pictures Overly
  • The length of the excerpt could be increased or reduced.
  • There are 10+ templates available.

2. Divi Post Masonry:

Transform your annoying blog entries or even other content to an amazing masonry style. It offers choices for selecting the available post forms. Also it provides an option for the collection of categories posts, writers, date and order for content. The most crucial part is the custom design of the components. You can use this powerful module to view any specific content.

Primary Features of:

  • Support of Different elements 
  • Colour and typography solutions for custom design are available.
  • Customization possibilities on the Read More icon.

3. Grid of Divi Post:

A wonderful module that helps your website stand out and maintains your blog’s readers engaged. Brain Post Grid lets you build elegant grids and exquisitely display your posts. This module is a grid display master for any custom post form. There is no question that the Brain Post Grid module is a quick and effective way to produce grid-based posts.

Primary Features of:

  • Make the decision the total amount of columns to be used to coordinate the grid.
  • picture masking.
  • There are Four layouts available.

4. Divi Post Carousel:

This module helps you to view your blog entries with an enticing carousel which will connect to your audience. And you’re going to get the attention of viewers and audience in an enhanced way. The Post Carousel functionality is now up-to-date on news portals and another blogging websites, creating a beautiful post. This has a lot of surprisingly user-friendly choices for quick configuration of the carousel.

Primary Features of:

  • highligth any item
  • Supported Endless looping slide.
  • You can set a fixed-width slide.
  • Support The dot pagination and number.

5. Divi Post List

Improve the posts on your site with the blog Post List Module. And reveal your blog entries in a completely new way. With the configuration benefit, create your mailing list appealing to visitors to your blog. By using module, you could quickly ensure that your viewers and visitors really get engaged with the articles.

Primary Features of:

  • Restrict the number of blog posts in the list.
  • The length of the excerpt can be increased or reduced.
  • Support Any Date formats.

6. Divi Post Ticker

Display your blog entry title and any custom blog entry title in a text line scroll. This module lets you get even more hits and also more visitors to your entries. Take the advantage of the customization of this module and turn it much more eye-catching for visitors. It has a lot of extremely beneficial choices to quickly customize a post ticker.

Primary Features of:

  • Restrict the number of posts to be shown in the title.
  •  Order text line scrolling by author, Random,Date, Parent,  ID and Title.

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