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Divi Instagram Footers Plugin Review

Written by Firman


If you utilize social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,  and Pinterest, you could already be aware of how important they are for establishing a personal and direct connection with your audience.

However, it’s possible that your clients and customers are unaware of your social media presence. Therefore, adding Instagram feeds or other social media pages to your website is a wise move if you want to grow a sizable online following.

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There are more than 500 million everyday active users on Instagram.  The large user base demonstrates the platform’s capacity to produce a wide range of content. For emerging brands and enterprises, incorporating such information on the website already proven to be a game-changing move.

You may increase the potential for your Instagram post to be seen by more people and gain more followers once you integrate a Post on instagram on your website.

Instagram feeds embedded on the website will immediately lengthen visitor stays on the page and provide them with social evidence, which eventually boosts sales.

Imagine the reach you would achieve if you could share your Instagram content outside of the Instagram app.

Additionally, being able to incorporate an Instagram feed to your web page will instantly increase the social proof of your company, which makes instagram feeds the primary element of any website design.

And you can definitely accomplish this!

Divi Instagram Plugin To Embed Your Instagram Feed

This Divi WordPress Plugin contains 14 minimalist and  elegant  designs for every website. Developers also made various footers that integrate the last Instagram posts with many other elements such as website links, subscription forms,  logos, and many more.

See the demo

Highlighted features:

Unrestricted license: modify their designs in any design.

Highly customized: you can drastically customize colors and typography for all native Divi Theme configurations.

See some Instagram Footer Bellows

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