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Divi Modal Pop up from Divi Extended Review

Written by Firman


Today simply build beautiful, able to engage popups for Divi by using  the Divi Modal Popup addons for divi. With this divi plugin   users can create numerous trigger kinds of pop-ups and lightboxes to activate it. Whether you’d like to text, show video  images, or anything else in the modal window by using tool, you can do this without any additional effort or by writing a piece of code.

Various Popup Triggers Users Have With Divi Modal Popup

The various trigger kinds that arrive with plugin are the following.

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  • Elements
  • Load on page
  • Popup Delay Time
  • Intent to exit

Using all these popup trigger points, you could build a Divi popup that appears if people engage with them. Or it would automatically appear whenever the user’s session time frame hits the set load time of the page.

Type of various elements for triggers

Besides numerous kinds of modal trigger , it also includes multiple element types. Using such elements, users could even make popups which can be loaded in a variety of ways. The type of elements available are

  • Button – popup Trigger by clicking a button.
  • Image – Pop-up trigger when the image is clicked.
  • Icon – Pop-up trigger by clicking an icon.
  • Text – The text trigger will open when the text is clicked.
  • And ID of the CSS 

Create a Divi pop-up for ever more just one thing

To start making your popups appear great every time, the Divi Modal Popup plugin gives you an option which would allows users to add different things to the body modal content. Users could make the following material to the modal window by using plugin.

  • Text
  • Image
  • Videos

As well as Divi Library Designs to deliver you full control of your pop-up creation. 

Locations of the Modal Window

The list were its locations in which the modal window appears when it is triggered.

  • Top Left
  • Top-Right
  • Top of the Center
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom right
  • Center at the bottom
  • Center 

Modal Entry Animation Window

Yeah sure, users could even apply the Input Animation Effects to modal popup window. Choose from the effects of blow animation during your next modal popup,

  • Slide
  • Fade
  • Zooming
  • Bounce
  • Fold
  • Flip

Modal Popup Speed Curve Smooth Animation Options

In addition to the Entry Animation effects, users also can implement effects of the speed  to make soft the transition of the animation. The Speed Curve settings would be as follows:

  • Easy-In-Out
  • Ease
  • Easy-In 
  • Linear
  • Easy-Out
  • And a lot more customisation options

With all of these options and features described previous paragraph, the Divi Modal Popup plugin works with more great features which would allows users to make the most out of it. Below are the extra functionality of this plugin,

  • Display Footer, Header,  & Modal Title
  • Background customisation options for Body, Trigger, Header, Modal Footer and Modal on its own
  • Apply Customization of Alignment
  • Select your custom styling options for the Close Button and  Trigger Button 

And many other customizations. To start making modal as well as its trigger appear more attractive.

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