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The Best Divi Modules for Showcasing Client Testimonials

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Written by Firman



Client testimonials are a powerful tool for building trust and credibility for your business. When it comes to showcasing client testimonials on your website, Divi, a versatile WordPress theme, offers a variety of modules that can help you present testimonials in an appealing and effective way. In this article, we will explore the best Divi modules for showcasing client testimonials.

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1. Testimonials Slider

The Testimonials Slider module is a popular choice for displaying client testimonials in a dynamic and engaging manner. This module allows you to create a carousel-style slider that automatically rotates through testimonials, presenting them one at a time. Here are some key features of the Testimonials Slider module:

  • Customization: Divi provides extensive customization options for the Testimonials Slider module, allowing you to personalize the appearance, layout, and transition effects of the testimonials.
  • Navigation Controls: The module includes navigation controls that allow users to manually navigate through the testimonials or pause the automatic rotation. This gives visitors more control over the testimonial viewing experience.
  • Testimonial Details: You can display various details for each testimonial, such as the client’s name, company, position, and even their photo. This adds authenticity and credibility to the testimonials.

2. Testimonials Grid

The Testimonials Grid module is a visually appealing option for showcasing client testimonials in a grid layout. This module presents testimonials in a grid format, allowing visitors to browse multiple testimonials simultaneously. Here are some features of the Testimonials Grid module:

  • Grid Layout: Divi’s Testimonials Grid module allows you to create a grid of testimonials, with each testimonial displayed in its own grid cell. This layout is ideal for displaying a larger number of testimonials in a compact space.
  • Customizable Styling: You have the flexibility to customize the styling of the testimonial grid, including the number of columns, spacing between testimonials, and typography.
  • Filters and Sorting: Divi enables you to add filters and sorting options to the Testimonials Grid module. This allows visitors to filter testimonials based on specific criteria, such as industry or service category, making it easier for them to find testimonials that are most relevant to their needs.

3. Testimonials Slider and Grid Hybrid

If you want the best of both worlds, Divi offers a hybrid module that combines the Testimonials Slider and Testimonials Grid functionalities. This hybrid module allows you to create a dynamic slider that transitions into a grid layout when the user interacts with it. Here’s why this hybrid module can be beneficial:

  • Interactive Experience: The hybrid module provides an interactive experience for visitors, allowing them to explore testimonials in both slider and grid formats. Users can switch between the two views, providing them with different ways to engage with the testimonials.
  • Space Optimization: The hybrid module optimizes space on your webpage by initially displaying testimonials in a slider format, which takes up less vertical space. When users interact with the module, it expands into a grid layout, providing more visibility to the testimonials.

4. Testimonials with Images

Adding images to client testimonials can enhance their impact and authenticity. Divi offers modules that allow you to incorporate images into your testimonials. Here’s how you can leverage testimonials with images:

  • Testimonial Author Photos: Including photos of the clients alongside their testimonials adds a personal touch and builds trust. Divi’s Testimonials modules provide options to easily add client photos to the testimonials.
  • Image Sliders with Testimonials: If you want to showcase multiple testimonials along with their corresponding images, Divi’s Slider module can be used. You can create an image slider that displays the client’s photo alongside their testimonial, creating a visually compelling presentation.


When it comes to showcasing client testimonials on your website, Divi provides a range of modules that cater to different preferences and design requirements. Whether you prefer a dynamic slider, a grid layout, a hybrid module, or testimonials with images, Divi has you covered. Choose the module that best suits your needs and create a visually appealing and trustworthy display of client testimonials.


Q1: Can I customize the appearance of the testimonials modules in Divi?

Yes, Divi offers extensive customization options for its testimonials modules. You can modify the layout, styling, typography, and transition effects of the testimonials to match your website’s design and branding.

Q2: Can I include client photos alongside their testimonials in Divi?

Absolutely! Divi allows you to add client photos to the testimonials modules, adding a personal touch and enhancing the authenticity of the testimonials.

Q3: Can I enable filters or sorting options for testimonials in Divi?

Yes, Divi’s Testimonials Grid module supports filters and sorting options. You can categorize testimonials and enable visitors to filter them based on specific criteria, such as industry, service category, or client type.

Q4: Can I combine different testimonials modules in Divi?

Divi provides flexibility in combining different testimonials modules. For example, you can use the Testimonials Slider module on one page and the Testimonials Grid module on another, based on your design preferences and content requirements.

Q5: Are the testimonials modules in Divi mobile-friendly?

Yes, Divi ensures that its testimonials modules are mobile-friendly and responsive. The modules adapt to different screen sizes, allowing testimonials to be displayed effectively on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

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