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Flexile Divi Multipurpose Child Theme Review

Written by Firman


Overview of the flexile

If you need a child’s Divi theme that can do most sorts of stuff and develop any kind websites, then don’t worry. Divi Flexile is the biggest multipurpose Divi website design toolkit which fits all requirements. Elements and pages are included with various Divi layouts design like demos, sections, and a lot more that can basically create whatever you’re thinking about.

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Flexile is less of a theme and more of a framework. This will develop an excellent UI environment that allows you to customize your excellent Divi webpage in whichever way you desire. You’re going to be able to create a website that looks great on every device type or screen size.  

No coding knowledge is required and gives you with the customizable features that suits your needs. And most of all, it’s compliant and easy to integrate with WooCommerce so that you really can start your Divi online shop without any time. Scroll to the bottom to get to know its excellent features.

An absolutely multifunctional child theme for the divi 

100+ Customized Elements for Divi

The more Divi elements provided in the Flexile gives you the freedom to chose of designing your Divi website whatever design you would like it to take. Each element is simple, so you can bring in various creative ideas by trying various combinations of elements.

Modern Homepage Beautiful Collection

Whether you’d like to build a website for real estate,university, clinic, agency,  business, or whatever, this multiuse child theme includes a bundle of homepages made up of all types of industries. In other words, you have a tool which can build a full functioning and modern Divi website, no matter the industry you would like it to be.

25+ Needed Pages to Create a Functional & Beautiful Website

Save yourself from extra work you need to make when designing websites that are crucial to any kind of website or industry. The Divi Flexile theme contains various Divi pages that serve the objective of the website and provide people with the all the information they need.

15 Sections of Hero

During an effort to have a wide variety of design options over fold content, flexile includes various hero sections. You can have these hero sections for any established header layout and make a wide variety of combinations.

5 Sections of the internal page

The Flexile has premade sections for the inner page header so where you can create an attractive entry information within each page.

20 Global Header Layouts

Offer users with a best way to navigate the website. With various header designs can choose from, you’d be able to create your header website in a very different way for various occasions and design requirements like festive seasons, agency layout, sales,  photography, freelance profile, and much more.

20 Layouts of Footer

Not only do headers make it easy for the user to navigate the options, also the footers, as well, did their role. Further more, to fit your header setup, the Flexile theme provides different footer layout styles to support you placed interesting links and more at the bottom of page.

5 Templates of Blog Engaging

Different opinions, ideas, and perspectives require a specific outlook as well as a way of seeing them clearly. And to implement this strategy on your Divi website, you’ll get various archive layouts with the Flexile child theme that can be easily applied to their areas with the help of the Divi Theme Builder.

5 Fantastic post templates

Go over to the Theme Builder and choose a post layout that you wish to utilise for your posts. And Tada, your opinions, ideas, and thoughts are described in a different way.

5 Product templates for WooCommerce

Do you want to operate your Divi online store with numerous product types? Then don’t wonder; this child theme should become your partner on a path of rags to riches. Integrates easily with the best WordPress ecommerce business solution WooCommerce.


The Flexile child theme is capable to begin its magic with all devices, whether that’s tablets, mobile phones or computers. The website you’d create that use this theme will be 100 percent responsive, no matter what objective you’ve designed it for.

Regular Updates

Almost all of the themes come to the market with amazing features, and as years pass and new product trends arise, those functionalities become worthless. And site owners just had to face the challenge of choosing a new and re-run process. However with Divi Flexile, you’re never going to face some these problems as its constant updates will maintain introducing new features and make sure it’s fresh forever.

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