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Change Design a Whole Page in Second with Search and Replace Divi Feature

Written by Firman


With the Find and Replace feature, which includes full page bulk editing for Divi, you can instantly make massive changes all over your whole page. saving you times on further hours of modifying time only with click of a button. It’s yet another amazing effectiveness improvement found only in this page builder.

In Secs, You Can Change The Whole Design

Anything in the Divi Page Builder now has find and replace features. Only right click on a option setting and select Find and Replace. This allows the user to search the entire page, or a particular section of your page, for particular values and replace them with anything new. It means you could also change the scheme color, fonts, and other elements of your page in a couple of seconds.

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Controls for effective targeting are robust.

While you find and replace any value, you have complete control from over replacement’s scope and location. You can search for and replace specific values inside of specific areas, and you can search for and replace values all over your whole page. You can either restrict replacement to specific option types or replace all discovered values amongst all options and modules . The system is extremely durable.

To create harmonious and fascinating designs, you will still need to utilize section-specific or page-specific  styles. Focus on the differences among sections with darkness and light background colors, for example. Modules placed at the top of dark colors background will require lighter text color schemes and larger font weights. You can even change the font family to develop a feeling of rhythm. When you implement a dark color background  to a section which already has dozens of modules, this will take a long time to go over every module and modify the text colors, button borders,button colors,  font weights, and other elements so they seem to readable atop your latest color background.

However, by having to replace different colours and font choices while restricting the scope of the substitution to the current section, you could also make this change in a couple of seconds! It’s truly amazing to see your overall design transform in front of your face with a couple of clicks.

This is ideal for layout packages and saved designs.

Assume you’ve just transferred one of Divi’s fantastic free layouts packages, and you want to configure it to suit the brand of your website. Although the uniqueness of Divi is that you also have complete control over anything, shifting lots of fonts and colors one by one also takes a long time. However, with the Find and Replace function, you could also instantly conduct bulk edits all over your entire page. Which used to take several minutes, if not hours, now takes seconds.

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