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Divi Feature Extend Styles – Build Divi Page Faster Than Before

Written by Firman


Extend Styles is a Divi theme feature which expands on several of the platform’s most creative and helpful innovations. Only with press of a button, you could even extend some custom designed style across the page or to particular elements inside specific places. What used to take longer is now completed in a matter of seconds.  if  you prefer a  font, color, border style, or shadow box and need to use anywhere on the page, or across the whole page you now can extend some these styles and create instant changes. 

It’s Simple to Extend Styles

To Use it with Divi, right-click from a certain option, element,  or option group and select Extend Styles. You then can specify which and where elements you want to apply the styles. You can also use element and location  targeting to particular modules inside of specific places, or you could just use location and element targeting to extend styles to any and all modules around the whole page.

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Increase Your Productivity Significantly

Assume you’ve completed wireframing a new page and are ready to begin modifying the design. Rather than trying to apply your preferred font title, weight, color, and text size to each individual module, you could also simply apply some these styles with all modules at once. Assume you choose to use a distinct border style and box shadow on all of the images on the page. Simply right through an image module and use a click of a button to extend those styles around the whole page.  By restricting the extension to parent rows and sections, you also can extend styles inside particular and uniquely designed places.

A Complete Set of Styling Tools

The feature builds on Divi’s latest fluid styling developments, like Find And Replace and Copy Paste Styles . On the other hand, is not restrict to discover and try to replace particular values, but is use to transfer design elements towards any module, despite of all its current design. It also means you’ll be able construct pages and easily transform them into anything fantastic, or you can take existing models and immediately take them in completely new ways.

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