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Divi Travel Website – Great Example Travel Blog Design Based on Divi Theme

Written by Firman


Divi travel sites provide show areas of this rich and diverse theme. Divi provides a wide variety of possibilities and blog owners give it their all. This collection demonstrates the variety of results that you can get from a travel blog.

Several of these websites are purely the result of a blogger’s enthusiasm, while some are commercialized travel sites. In certain cases, some of these blogs are very well built to convince you to arrange the next vacation. And all of these sites are made by using Divi Theme Builder!

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1.  Life Part 2

This is Saarah and Jonathan’s blog, two sweet retired couple who’ve been trying to take advantage of this “second life” to travel around the world.

The blog gives you travel place review and  lifestyle tips. Life Part 2 brings you in their path with a really cool concept in blue and yellow colors.


2. Wheels under the Feet

Christine celebrates her retirement by posting high-quality posts about her new world about travels. She’s found a fascination for her travel website, and it can be felt as we explore it. It’s all in the shades of blue, and it’s really soothing.

The website home page clearly shows the last blog posts that have been sorted by parallax parts. The list is extensive and long. The blog is categorized by country or area of the world. The photos are inspiring, and there’s no distracting popup.


3. This Big Road Trip

This couple’s travel website is one of the great representations of this kind. Welcome starts with amazing pictures and a really cool logo, accompanied by blocks dedicated and dynamic counters and to their spouses. The introduction sections—this big vehicle and big crew—are, like the others, well described and written.

The entire site has a really unique, nice and fun audio. The content quality is there, and if you’re knowledgeable in Shakespeare ‘s words, you can bookmark  their blog to your favorites website!


4. The RV Atlas Podcast

This is another Divi original travel website: but this time we’re dealing with a podcast blog. The possibilities of Divi are still well explored, with the option of hearing to the last chapter in one touch or click.

The blog segment, which is very classic, further improves the content of the website with a text element that refers to assistance (podcast material itself is not often enough to be well incorporated into search engine).

We also have the right to video and stunning, highly personalized images. This form of media, when created by oneself, offers significant additional value and helps to attract audiences effectively. Therefore, the RV Atlas podcast is differentiated above all by the uniqueness of its contents.

This is a perfect example to create a good blog!


5. Tieland to Thailand

The couple who run this travel blog have been quit their job and pleasant life on the west country to live in Thailand. They’re using this blog to market their travel guides.

The result: a website in warm, oriental colors, and entrancing .

At the opening, the stunning labels welcome you to explore the parts of the web and the services provided. It also provides access to coaching and premium content to helping you to change your life and settle like them in Thailand.

Tieland to Thailand is a clear example of Divi travel websites that performs very well, in successful combination with social media, with a wide variety of content and services targeted to their target market.


6. Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls is committed to the digital nomads trend, but only to women.

The site offers premium content with a subscription strategy exclusive with certain times of the year-an incredible way to build a sense of demand and exclusivity.

Digital Nomad Girls is the great fit with its pastel green and dominant pink, trendy design and also small bubbles. The blog is also with a very girly design, attractive titles and interesting thumbnails.


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