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Divi Coaching Example Website

Written by Firman


Professional or Personal or  coaching is already on the increasing trend.  many individuals plan to set up their own company to provide coaching services of any and all sorts, like personal development coaching, fitness coaching, financial planning coaching, human relations coaching, career coaching and much more!

These new professionals will need a website to advertise their products and try to find buyers directly from the internet. If you, too would like to start on a coaching journey, or when one of your consumers calls on you to make a site dedicated to the coaching practice, this collection of sites will definitely help to encourage and inspire your creativity. In this post, now let us explore 5 examples of Divi coaching pages.

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1 – Zen Plane Coaching

The ZenAvion Coach website provides a blues monochrome home page. Also at mouse scroll Color flows and fades  into an ocean of turquoise colors that tends to make you like to go on vacation. Zen pebbles connect 2 parts in different colors. Then a background image shows slightly travel documents. Finally three postcards are Call-To-Action postcards which connect to the services provided to users. The color code, which varies from the blue night to the blue turquoise and a pinkish-white color reflective of sand, suits very well with theme.

2-We’re 2 me

The We2Me website uses a pretty single picture as a Header Hero with such an overlay logo that fits the scrolling mouse. Scrolling shows a quote accompanied by links to various sites. Every part of the home page is divided by black and white and full pictures that remain constant, presenting a very pleasant look. The parts use text, images, video, press links, music, contact form and also call to action.   The service also offers subscription services which are operated via the WooCommerce module. The Black/White/Fuchsia color code is clear and distinctive.

3-The MAXIN Mate

The Maxine Friend website provides an easy yet powerful homepage, we realize from the outset what this Coach wants to offer us,  the full-screen picture of the home is especially well selected as it encourages trust. Some little touch of authenticity occurs in the button separated into two calls – to – action. By scrolling through the website, you pass a part with a parallax background picture to get to the service that their offer. What brings the distinction to most other Divi sites is the footer of this website, which is very well organized and original.

4 – The Heidi Rose

 The Heidi Rose website has a static homepage with a full screen picture and a call-to-action button. By pressing the button, you will arrive to a sober homepage that shows fullscreen pitures and sections which are very elegant in the original fonts but a bit hard to read. The color code is quite elegant in its White/Black/Peach combination.

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