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Download a Free Header and Footer for Divi’s Tennis Layout Pack

Written by Firman


Divi  give away newly designed freebies every week. A fresh new Tennis Club Layout Pack was recently released. Di We’rivi also offering a global header and footer design that completely fits this style collection to assist you keep your site up and running in no time! I hope you will find it entertaining.

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How to Download and Install the Template

Navigate to the Divi Theme Builder page.

Browse to the Divi Theme Builder inside the admin of your WordPress site to install the layout.

Download and install the Global Website Template

Then there’s a symbol with two arrows in the upper right corner. Select the icon.

To load Divi Theme Builder Layouts, go to the import section, upload the JSON file you downloaded earlier throughout this post, and then select ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates.’

Modifications in the Divi Theme Builder should be saved.

After you’ve uploaded the template, your standard website design will have a new global header and footer. Save your Divi Theme Builder modifications as soon as you’re ready to set up the design.

How to Make Changes to the Template

Template for a Header

To change the elements of the global header design, first open it.

Alter the Logo In the Menu Module, you can change the logo.

Add Social Networking Follow Module and Button Links

Then, within the Social Media Following Module, add necessary links to the Icon Module with each of the social networking sites.

Template for an Open Footer

Click the global footer under the default web layout to continue.

Change the items and links in the footer

Then, change the content and link for each of the footer elements.

Add Email Account to Email Optin Module

Make sure the Email Optin Module has an email address too.

Make a new copy

Change the content within the Text Modules, which can be found in the segment’s last row, to finish the footer layout.

Changes made in the Divi Theme Builder should be saved.

Make sure to save the theme builder modifications once you’ve finished making all of the adjustments to the header and footer!

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