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As the professional, You should not overlook creating an online profile for yourself with cv or resume website in order to leave an impression on the company or potential new clients. It opens up a brand-new world of opportunities that could make you rich.

Imagine that you are the only person who deviates from the norm and gives an employer a link to a website rather than the dreary old CV. It will make you more distinctive from other people. Additionally, it can even be among the primary factors that helped you obtain the job or the new project agreement.

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Utilizing the top resume website templates, build something special for yourself. With a sophisticated and feature-rich resume page, you have the option of keeping things simple or turning the volume up a bit. You are free to follow your preferences thanks to these instruments.

A resume website, usually referred to as a CV webpage, is a website created specifically to aid in job placement. Its message is more concentrated and its language is different from that of a personal website.

It concentrates on giving the most pertinent details about you, such as samples of your project and even a demonstration of your abilities.

When you can just send your CV by email, why would you need a website? In any case, it will give you confidence and get a job. It will demonstrate to potential employers your commitment to finding employment.

Because there is only so much room on an A4 piece of paper, it will also reveal the most comprehensive information about you. You can access your entire portfolio of works right here.

Divi Creative Layout Pack

Divi design team has designed a completely new Creative CV Layout Pack for this week. This Layout Pack offers a professional website design for creative people seeking for an efficient web platform to showcase their work. It can be used to highlight abilities, job experience, training, and more on a résumé. It even offers pre-designed layouts for showing whole portfolios and projects in a professional, well-balanced look that is both attractive and easy to read.

Landing Page

Home Page Design

About Page Design

Blog Page Design

Contact Page Design

Portfolio Page Design

Project Page Design


The Creative CV Layout collection includes a portfolio page as well as a project page, as well as other page layouts for advertising cv information for creatives online. Images come out as the focus point because to the basic style.

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