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Enhance Your Divi Theme Performance with Divi Supreme Plugin

Written by Firman



Divi Supreme allows you to add a lot of additional setting in Divi theme builder. This plugin can give you an easy process to add new feature and module through Divi builder option.

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It provides a different menu in different tabs to give user access to customize the setting according to user’s need. There will be so many toggles for a widget, po-up, element, shortcodes, content link, and also the option for responsive setting.

The plugin will bring your Divi theme to the next level using its interface for adding more extensions. No coding and complicated setting needed. Even if you are a beginner or an advance developer, you can use the plugin easily.

Divi Supreme Features

In this plugin, you can find Divi Gradient Text, Divi Text Divider, Divi Flipbox, Divi Image, Divi Button, Divi Typing, Divi Facebook Feed, Divi Like Button Module, Divi Facebook Embed Module, Divi Facebook Comments, and many more. There are 40+ premium extensions and modules that you can choose, The plugin will exactly extend your working performance in Divi builder more amazing.


PopUp Extension


Responsive Setting


Embeded Twitter








 Card Carousel







More Divi Supreme Module Option







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