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Install Bloom Plugin in 4 Easy Steps

Written by Firman


The 4 easy steps to instal Bloom plugin are explained below.

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Download the plugin 

To install your newest plugin, you must first import it to your WordPress site using the WordPress menu dashboard. After you download Bloom from the ElegantThemes membership area, you should receive a file named Few browsers (like Safari on Mac os x) can instantly unzip this directory for you.

In this situation, you will have to re-size the Bloom directory by right-clicking and compressing the directory. Once you’ve found your file, you’ll be read to import it to your WordPress site. 

Sign in to your wordpress admin area and select Plugins > Add New selection. It will take you to the WordPress plugins section.

Upload the plugin

After loading the plugins area in your WordPress dashboard, find the “Upload Plugin” option to the top of the monitor. To continue to the next phase, press the button.

Choose to use a Plugin ZIP file

When choosing the “Upload Plugin” key, you will be took it to a new page in which you can choose the plugin you want to install. In this situation, we’re going to install the file you already download before. To open a local browser window, press the “Choose File” key.

Upload The Plugin and  Activate

You’ll need to search your local computer and locate the file. You can always see it in the Downloads folder, but it relies on the configuration of your browser. When the file is found, pick it and press the Open key.

First, press the “Install” key to install the file you’ve just chose. After the plugin was already imported, you would be taken to the page confirmation where the bloom plugin can be activated. Click the “Activate” key and you’re on the right track!

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