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Latest Divi Layout Design Theme For Your Business

Written by Firman


DIVI Builder is a website development tool from Elegant Themes that always presents the latest layout packs or website design templates that are very attractive for use on CMS-based WordPress (self-hosted) websites.

Even though we can customize the templates, layout packs from DIVI Builder, we can customize both color themes, fonts and so on, so that they remain unique.

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What we can take from the pre-made website design from DIVI Builder is an overview and ideas in choosing, determining and implementing a website design.

Some of the Latest Website Design Templates from Elegant Themes

This time, we’ll be reviewing some of DIVI’s premade lay-out packs, a total of 258 pack layouts and a total of 1891 layouts!

A pre-made layout from DIVI is a single page web design. One layout pack can consist of several pages of website layout design. We can choose which pack layout or which layout we will use.

The advantage of using DIVI Builder is that you no longer need to buy premium templates. In addition to being more efficient, it is also safer.

Here are some of the latest website design themes from DIVI Elegant Themes for various businesses that hopefully can make it easier for you to get an idea and choose a good website design for your business.

Resort Theme Layout

You can replace the website design for this resort and restaurant with higher quality photos. Likewise, colors and icons can also be changed according to the needs and overall website design ideas. And of course you can add videos!

This layoutpack is complete, starting from the front page, about, room and hotel gallery, booking, contact, and blog.

The advantage of DIVI is that you don’t need a contact form plugin anymore, because it has a built-in module.

Restaurant Theme Design

reastaurant theme design

This restaurant website template is also complete, starting from the front page, landing page, about, menu, contact and reservation, and blog.

Change the color and font according to your branding guidelines. Insert a menu photo and replace the icon with your own choice.

There are still many things that can be changed from this seafood restaurant website design template to make it look more unique and attractive.

Corporate Website Theme

corporate design

Pretty obvious isn’t it what you can replace? Don’t forget to always have videos on your website, because videos can attract 3x more viewers’ attention than images.

This corporate website theme can be used for IT consulting businesses, financial consultants, business management, and even for mining companies.

CrowdFunding Website Theme

crowfunding website

This is a website theme for crowdfunding, donations, fundraising and the like. If you are building a mobile application, this website theme is also suitable for your online branding needs.

The layout pack from DIVI Elegant Themes is available for the front page, about, instructions or how-to, donation or crowdfunding campaign pages, landing pages, contacts and blogs.

Now, you can also add a pattern to the background by using the DIVI Builder.

Perfume Brand Website Theme

parfume website

What you have to convey to viewers about your perfume products on the website you can easily do by changing all the image elements in this website template.

You can convey a soft scent expression by using colors that can represent the scent in terms of psychology.

You can also add an online shop system on this perfume website. Apart from perfume, this website is also suitable for beauty products and soaps.

Wedding Planner Theme Website

Wedding planners or wedding organizers can use a simple, soft design and display a portfolio and price range.

The website layout is quite simple actually, the strength is in the color and type of font used. There are 7 complete page designs for a wedding planner and organizer website.

Add a business profile video, so that viewers who plan to use wedding organizer services are convinced and want to contact your business.

Sofa Repair Website Theme

sofa repair website

This website layout design for sofa and car seat repair is complete with landing page, service page, about and contact.

What you need to do with this website template is just replace the words and better photos to get better results.

Landscape Maintenance Services Website Theme

landscape theme design

For those of you who own landscaping services or landscaping services, you don’t need to waste time choosing a website theme.

Just use this website theme from DIVI Elegant Themes and modify it with your images or photos and videos.

Forging this website is intended for garden care services, which consists of 7 pages that have been designed by world-class website designers.

In addition, all website designs from DIVI Elegant Themes are also Mobile Friendly.

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