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Pressable Review

Written by Firman


Pressable was created in 2010 by technology expert Vid Luther after he wanted to come up with a controlled WordPress hosting solution to help webmasters concentrate on producing and delivering quality content. The company also offers managed web hosting services for WordPress website for startups, medium-sized enterprises, and even wealthy 1000 companies.

Pressable offers a managed hosting system for people who like WP but don’t want to handle WordPress stability, usability, and up-to-date plugins.

They were bought by Automattic, the corporation formed by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of the WordPress platform, within a few years of reliable hosting of WordPress websites. Automattic has also developed (and owns) other projects related to WordPress, such as and WooCommerce. And if you’re searching for a very well-established hosting company with close ties to the WordPress platform, you can try Pressable for sure.

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As with their many years of operation, Pressable only hosts WordPress platform websites, and if you register in one of their packages, you can partner with a highly professional organization to help WordPress users and fulfil their needs.


Pressable Packages

Pressable has increased its WordPress services to nine packages in recent years, from three plans. The three plans — Basic Use, Medium Use, and High Volume Use — have three options for each hosting. 

Basic Use starts at $25 a month, including 60,000 site traffics a month and the ability to create a WordPress-powered website. Moderate Usage starts at $135 a month, offering 600,000 site traffics and the opportunity to create 30 WP websites. High Volume Usage has a high price tag of $750 a month, but the package helps the website to handle five millions of views of the page. Only 100 WordPress website installations are allowed. If these plans do not suit your WordPress expectations, you can contact a Representative for Pressable Sales to provide a quote for a custom design. Pressable isn’t inexpensive hosting service, but nor are most WordPress services in the business class.  


Key Features Pressable

Advance Security Feature

Pressable utilizes a mixture of nightly malware scanners and cleanups and checks the integrity of the intrusion prevention system to keep your site safe from attackers; This is a significant characteristic among WordPress managed hosting services.

Furthermore, each Pressable package includes a free Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) certificate that aims to secure transfers of data between your website and clients. Given that other hosting services ask you to pay for SSL, the free inclusion of the certificate is an excellent move.


Scaling up traffic

Scaling traffic will help your WordPress website to handle the flood of unexpected incoming traffic from significant sites. So if your blog is featured in the web’s most web sites, your site will still be up and running normally, no matter how massive the traffic is. So, the traffic scaling technologies would provide the best traffic management for your WordPress website, rather than breaking the server.


Automatic Updates on  WordPress

With automatic update function, your installation in WordPress will always be secure and up-to-date, without any problems. Once available for download, you don’t need to upgrade your WordPress setup manually. Alternatively, it’ll be done automatically once any WordPress update is ready for download.


Integrated Content Delivery Network

Each hosting account you build with Pressable will also include a free Content Delivery Network to guarantee secure data delivery anywhere and anytime between both the server and the computer of your user. It will allow you to distribute your content seamlessly anywhere around the world.


Automatic backups

Pressable requires backups of the data in many various ways. Second, you can use the backup feature of the control panel, but you need to create an account at Amazon or Rackspace. You can also use the Jetpack backup option, which is included with your hosting plan as an alternative. They also provide the data backup for a managed hosting service and to rebuild it a little more streamlined. You should, however, be covered by the two websites backup methods supported.


Web Stagging Feature

Pressable lets you make adjustments when developing your WordPress website to a staging link that copies your original website. The staging function allows you to check the layout, themes, and other design aspects of your website before they go live.

Total Optimization of WordPress

Since this hosting service is designed exclusively for WordPress, you will also be able to fine-tune your WordPress website in the best possible way; This is because Pressable has a server-side optimization feature which ensures the best output of your WordPress site is optimized.


Premium Jetpack Subscription

As already stated, all of this hosting package plans have included a membership to the Jetpack Premium package. This does not only give you access to some advantageous features, but it also costs you $99 a year if you were to register for Jetpack Professional yourself.

Several features that you’ll get together with Pressable packages featured on premium jetpack subscription are:

  • Regular automatic database backups which are preserved for 30 days
  • Protection against brute force attack
  • Monitoring downtime of your website
  • The automated inspection of malware
  • Advanced security fixes
  • Photo and video sharing are available
  • com experts prioritize email support
  • Plus lots more.


Pressable Customer Service

The support staff of Pressable are extremely the competent WordPress experts who are capable of solving even the most difficult technical problems. Their web chat support is available from 8 am to 10 pm. Open a ticket if you need help further than that, and you’ll have a fast response. There’s also a substantial base of knowledge available to answer the most common questions.


Pressable and Divi

As you know, Divi Theme is the most popular WordPress page builder in the market today, but not all hostings can maximize the Divi function which needs a big resource. For those who do not want to get complicated for setting up the WordPress and Divi Theme for maximum performance, then Pressable is very suitable for you. You will get every easiness when setting up WordPress and Divi for your website with high speed, secure, and stable.



WordPress is the biggest and most successful website building innovation at the moment. Whether you’re looking to build a blog or a regular webpage, WordPress is the solution to your desires. Nonetheless, WordPress is continually changing, and you’ll need a trustworthy web host to adapt to the WordPress technology changes.

Pressable provides features specially designed for WordPress, not included in any standard shared hosting services.

Pressable is among the best WordPress hosting companies worth trying, with its many features best suited to your WordPress requirements. Although the price can be more costly than standard hosting services, this is a severe investment to have your business up and running at the highest level. Which ensures you can still run your company without the burden of dealing with your WordPress site’s technological aspects.

Pressable also provides 14 days free trial for you to try their service, so you do not have to worry their service disappointed you. You will only be charged after 14 days, if you decide to continue their hosting service package. And of course, you can cancel it anytime if you think that Pressable does not suit your expectation.

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