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Kinsta Review

Written by Firman


It can be difficult to choose a new hosting provider for WordPress. But it doesn’t need to be. This Kinsta review will expose you to a competitive provider that might end up becoming the best hosting option to your WordPress site to help ease the decision-making.

For those who are obsessed with success, Kinsta is a great WordPress hosting service. On Google Cloud platform, they provide cloud-based hosting solutions that deliver high-performance business of any scale. Kinsta is a pretty new company in the website hosting business. It was founded in 2013 by Mark Gevalda, a long time WordPress creator, and it has its headquarters in the UK.

Mark decided to create Kinsta on Google’s Cloud Platform instead of going down the traditional path of providing cPanel via shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Cloud platform makes it easier for hosting businesses to scale their customers’ needs, provides smoother user experience, and better manage traffic spikes. Kinsta operates more than 30 network infrastructures worldwide and provides a regional content distribution network to all consumers through its KeyCDN partnership.

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Kinsta Key Features

Reliable Google Cloud Platform 

The key aspect which is dividing Kinsta from many other WordPress managed hosting companies is the use of Google Cloud Platform. This implies that WordPress sites are stored on Google’s built and maintained network, and was used by popular companies like Snapchat and Spotify. 

Becoming a partner with the Google Cloud Platform enables Kinsta to store the websites on a state-of-the-art network with the option of 21 worldwide server locations and is still growing. Google Cloud Platform’s highly scalable infrastructure means that the server has access to tools needed to offer your visitors a seamless user experience. For instance, if your site gets popular, automated scale would ensure your site can manage any traffic spikes.

In every context of the word, Kinsta is not a shared hosting. Instead, with no shared resources, each website is operated with its own separated unit. And if you are running several sites on same account, your websites won’t share any resources. Because of this, either because of the way Google Cloud Platform function can’t identify Kinsta as VPS or dedicated servers.


Uptime to server

Kinsta reviews the Website’s uptime reliability every two minutes. This means that they search your site about 720 times a day. It is impressive, and ensures that the issue can be fixed easily even though the websites is down.

They also search for malware and use strong, software-based controls on their firewall to prevent attacks. And in cases where your website is down due to hacking, Kinsta’s team takes the appropriate measures to ensure your site is online in no time. All this without extra charge for the service.

Kinsta provides one of the best possible uptime for every server you could use. To such a premium server, this is a requirement. In reality, Kinsta is so confident that they can guarantee you uptime of 99.9 per cent. If you’re using this server, this is what you’d like to.

Automatic Backup

Automatic regular backups of WordPress websites are part of Kinsta’s service. Automatic backups are held on the entry-level packages for at least 14 days, and on the higher plans for longer. It’s easy to restore backups, with the option to move them to your live website or the test area.

You can also switch to six-hour and hourly backups for an additional monthly charge, as well as regular backups. You also can manually build full website backups, as and when appropriate, by pressing a button. You have the right to access these safekeeping backups too.


Stagging Environment

With Kinsta staging area, on a separate server, you could making changes to the website without making any adjustments to your main site. On this testing platform, you will see how your website will be impacted by any change you create before you introduce it.

This also lets you innovate because you can usually take risky steps to your site or user interface with no risk. You can make this change on your website, if you really like the outcome of your modifications. If you don’t like it, you should throw it away.


LXD Technology

Kinsta’s LXD container technology enables for the separation of accounts and each site but it also has automated scalability. That means no website shares resources with any website. This is to boost website security as opposed to hosts who use shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

This also ensures that only the compromised website is harmed in case of a hacking incident or harmful attempt at your site. The hacking of a particular site has affected other sites on same server or host in many cases over the years. In Kinsta, this can not happen with LXD. 


Google Global Data Center

Not just that, most hosts run only 2-3 data center sites, usually on the west coast of the US and in the Netherlands, often in Singapore too. That means distant visitors – and let’s be clear, California is very far from NY – would be subjected to sluggish speeds and a terrible time.

Kinsta doesn’t have its own data centers, but rather uses the state-of-the-art Google, super functioning cloud infrastructure to house its WordPress website. That means you’re not only getting the best, latest technology to support your project, but now you’ve got hundreds of server location choices.

Kinsta provides 7 United states data centers, and 24 global data centers in total. São Paulo, Zurich, Seoul, Sydney, Taiwan, Tokyo, and more are, making Kinsta the best host possible in those areas for audiences.


Free CDN

So a Content Delivery Network, also known as a CDN, is a network which will take cached copy of your site, and send it to many more data centers so that you can take full advantage of even more than one hosting area at a time. 

While several hosts will require you to incorporate your website with a third-party CDN, it is typically Cloudflare, which is typically the free plan. That poses some significant limits for you, unless you shell out the budget for the better plans for Cloudflare. Kinsta’s own CDN is quick, which is included in the cost you ‘re paying.


Free Website Migration

If you already have an existing business website, you do not want to rebuild from scratch only because you have switched hosting services. That’s why many providers provide free website migrations to allow you to move your website at no expense from one company to another. With all their plans, Kinsta provides free Premium relocation. The amount of free migrations differs on what program you have selected.


Customer Support

Kinsta team has provided 24/7 customer service. They provide support via email and chat. Kinsta live chat can be accessed from any part of the network. It also stores transcripts of chat which you can refer to later. Kinsta support workers are experts in WordPress and in just a few minutes they can fix most of the issues you had upon your site.

With the chat option at the bottom right corner of your screen you can reach support staff anywhere on the site. They have a good response time because they respond to your request a few mins after you have in most cases been in touch with them. The Kinsta website also offers a Knowledge Base which gives information on the most important things you would like, it will also answer many question asked question on their services.


Money Back Guarantee

It is also nice to see a host standing by its service with some sort of free trial or money-back guarantee. Kinsta is the first, giving you a full 30 days to check out its risk-free hosting services. It’s a long trial period of 30 days and most people will have more than enough time to determine if they want to stay.


Kinsta Plans on WordPress

Currently Kinsta has ten different package levels, each providing its services on a different level. Most of these provide the same basic key deals as free SSL and CDN, their support team, day-to-day backups, etc.

The key differences across levels are the amount of WordPress installations that can be handled per account, as well as the amount of PHP employees allocated to your website. Categories are heading from Starter to Business, to Enterprise – the last one clearly targeting bigger companies.


Kinsta And Divi Theme

As we know, Divi needs big resource to run WordPress website, and it can be done in Kinsta network. The chaching technology and  CDN network make the access of your website more optimal. Google Cloud Service which uses LXD technology makes your website stable without worrying your server resource divided by other websites. That’s make Kinsta as the right hosting for your Divi Theme based website.


Review Conclusion

In the end, Kinsta isn’t inexpensive. But for the right people, it’s extremely useful. Kinsta’s premium WordPress solution can be both too much and not enough for website owners with low visitors, especially those seeking for an all-inclusive domain registration and email hosting.

It’s likely a better match for customers who expect lot of traffic and are concerned about scaling their site and protecting it. At all events – with its cloud-based networking, concern with speed, innovative management technologies/structures, and very great customer support, Kinsta is really a strong host to rely on.


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