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Real-Time Ajax Search Plugin for Divi Theme

Written by Firman


A search feature in a website is really important for user and visitors. But instead of a regular one, an ajax style is more perfect for someone to get a live search, especially in a website which is using Divi Theme Builder. Ajax allows you to search without reloading the page of the search result. The result itself is shown live in the search form directly. This will make your website visitor keep reading and staying at your website longer since the data they are looking for is faster to find.

Divi Ajax Search Plugin

To get this effect, you can use Ajax Search Plugin that can be found in Divi marketplace since it is a third-party plugin and not built-in and integrated to Divi as default. Divi Ajax Search plugin can also create a different customization for your search appearance so it will mak an engaging effect for visitor.

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You may display real-time search results just beneath the search form on your Divi theme website with the plugin. You may enable users to find Page, Posts, Projects, and even WooCommerce products using their Excerpt, Title,  and Featured Image by using it. Additionally, you can alter its appearance and feel to make it more engaging thanks to faster result delivery.

Key Features

  • Live search for pages, custom post types, and posts.
  • WooCommerce product, category, tag, SKU, and attribute live searches.
  • Select the data that will appear in search results.
  • simple to customize
  • Friendly to Divi’s page builder.
  • In a WooCommerce store, searching for the products is quicker, more intelligent, and simpler.

Additionally to displaying quicker results in the search field, the plugin also allows you to modify the search field’s appearance and apply numerous customizations to it in order to make it more engaging.

Install this plugin to provide your website’s visitors a better, quicker way to search the site. Something that would give your website extra marks for usability, speed, and user interface.

Live Action of Ajax Search Plugin
Using Title Result
Using excerpt content
Using multiple masonry style

Here is the live show of Ajax Search Plugin in Divi website

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