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Why Web Design Company Need to Invest Divi Theme Builder for Their Business

Written by Firman


After working with a range of WordPress themes and web builders, I still urge my web visitor and new web designers to only offer Divi page builder. But don’t take my advice for it. Read the number of advantages to find out whether you must use the Divi page builder and Theme in your professional web design company.

Advantages of the Usage of Divi Theme

Here are the advantages from the use of Divi. I could have provided a lot more benefits for sure, but below are the key critical ones when it comes to building your web designer company.

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Company owners want to have a website that shouldn’t look like any other business site the year before. As a web builder who does not hand-code the entire site, you need a website builder that provides for full versatility and flexibility. Divi page builder and theme  allow you to fully brand and configure your customer’s website in a way which makes their company stay ahead of the competition.

No programming necessary 

Perhaps one of my best things about Divi page builder and theme is that the new web developers can quickly launch their company without understanding a single line of code: Javascript, CSS, or HTML. This means that it is simpler than ever before to start creating website for you and your clients.

You always have the option to add code to any non-code element (images, text , etc.) or page, and inserting code that impacts the whole site. As your abilities as a web designer expand and your coding expertise begins to increase, you are not restricted to the modules and latest features of Divi, but can add much more flexibility to your customer ‘s site. But note, this is certainly not important!

Drag & Drop Website Editing With Page Builder 

If you’ve ever used Squarespace previously, users’ve probably falling in love with their drag-and – drop feature that lets you visually can see page coming together. There’s nothing cooler than seeing the hard work coming along in front of your faces and also being able to change things without having to press the save button and then go to the draft or live page.

This takes us to another explanation why you’re supposed to use Divi. this page builder is planned to have drag-and – drop features not just in front end, but also in the back end. This means that you will see the concept come alive visually on the front end (just like Squarespace), but you still have the opportunity to design on the back end. 

When you’re continuing to work at the end of the sales page, and you want to turn up the tippy top, you ‘re going to have to click through a bunch of material to get to the front end. Using drag-and – drop function in the back-end, the contents are simplified into tiny squares so that you can easily and quickly find what you’re searching for it without scrolling through.

Feature of Copy and Paste

One of the newer features of Divi is an useful copy / paste feature that enables you to copy paste everything between one page to the another, from one part to another, from one line to another, and from one module to the other.

Let ‘s say you spend fifteen minutes trying to perfect the padding on your homepage ‘s main banner, and you’ve got to do it on the website, contact page,  services page, about page, etc. Instead of wasting 15 minutes changing and improving the formatting across each page, you can copy the module, line, row settings through one page then paste it to another page. This is saving you enough Time. 


Another newly extra option of Divi is what they call presets. Practically, everything you build can be saved as a preset and then used somewhere else on the site even without using copy and paste features. Again, it will save you loads of time as a web developer, which helps you will take more customers and earn more profits.


As a website designer, you can most likely apply redundant material to various sites, such as workshop registration and email opt-in forms . You might copy and paste an opt-in email form of one page to the other, and then what happened if the customer needs to change the copy to the site-wide form?

Yeah! Yeah! You ‘d have to change each of them individually. Speak about sucking time.

Utilising global elements, you can build an opt-in email form, insert anywhere on the site, and just have to change one of them to enable the editing to take place across the site. This could be used for something! Opt-in email forms, pricing details, schedule buttons, training registrations, etc.

A / B Testing feature

Although A / B testing is not something that many business owners use, it is something I urge you to use in the web development industry. Knowing what kind of information your clients are reacting to and interacting with helps you to customize your site for greater interaction and conversion.

The Divi allows you to do A/B testing on different pages and even within the content itself. It can be a turning point not just for your site and company, and also for any sites that you manage on a continuous basis.


A common criticism that I hear from new webmasters about Divi is how costly it is. Any time I have heard this, I want to yell from the rooftop this is a total fallacy! Let me just break this down for you.

There are two pricing choices for Divi-$89 a year or a onetime charge of $249 per year. Although $89 per year is apparently cheaper, you can see the $249 one-time charge as a no-brainer alternative.

“So what if my company fails after a year or if I change my opinion after two years? I’m trying to save money by subscribing every year.

The Divi  comes with an unrestricted license to use. You can simply use your one account for any single site you create – whether that’s your own individual web design company website or your customer’s site. A customer can see himself save $89 a year or a onetime payment of $249 when you submit your services as a complementary theme.

Now, not only are you save your customers money, but your bundle is much more costly, which means you can pay more with your services. By paying more for your work, all you have to do is place one or more customers on the Divi theme to charge for themselves.

When you buy your annual package, you and your customers will not get lifetime assistance or the updates. If you wish to drop your contract a year later, you will have to give your customers an email telling them they have to buy Divi through their own. It’s sort of a lousy position to bring your customers in if you tell me!

In fact, Divi is among the most inexpensive website design tools you could get your hands on and also for the number of features you can get for the one subscription, it’s worth it. So mark it as a strong reason why you must use the Divi Theme in your website design company.


Any of your customers may even have or plan to get an e-commerce store in the long term. One of most worrying things as a business person is when they can’t expand on their web site. This is not the case in this instance to making a Divi site. The Divi platform can develop and expand easily as a company develops and grows – especially if that development requires the integration of an eCommerce store. Divi can integrate seamlessly with various e – commerce platforms like WooCommerce and yet retain the very same level of design and features.

Responsive Website

My complaint on the WPBakery platform that I created was that it’s not mobile friendly. The material will get all muddled and look horrible especially in comparison to the desktop edition. Luckily, it doesn’t happen with Divi! it is 100% mobile friendly, which guarantees no matter which device an user uses, your site or your customer’s website will still look the best.

Always Get New Improvement 

The best thing about investment in the Divi  is that the ElegantThemes staff is really working hard to enhance the tool they’ve created. The team is continually pushing out updates and giving out online guides about how to use new capabilities and features.

If something is missing from the Divi , just wait a moment. The team of the ElegantThemes is bound to include it.


I invite you to take Divi on a ride as the owner of a web design agency. Have never before I marketed a service or product that has not improved my life directly. That’s why you need to use the Divi Theme in your website design company! Divi by ElegantThemes is undoubtedly the best WordPress Theme and page builder  you’ll get,

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