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Why Many Web Designers Use Divi to Their Project

Written by Firman


As website designers, we believe that making website simple, usable and customizable is the best wishes of our customers. To make it simpler, our web design company uses the WordPress CMS. WordPress is used on 34 percent of all sites and is the option for everyone who needs a CMS-based platform because it has 60 percent of the industry. The next nearest rival is 5.2%. What keeps WordPress so amazing is the simplicity it offers while at the same time being able to fulfill most of the project specifications and making it easy to create stunning websites. It also has a dashboard that helps you to quickly make modifications to the website, keeping it quite user-friendly for you as the webmaster.

WordPress needs a theme for any website you make. The theme will be what brings the website a design and some features. We specialized in the theme of Divi as we feel it is the simplest to be used for web design while carrying good functionality. Divi is the main theme of the brand Elegant Themes and has the largest industry share upon any WordPress theme.  If you’d like a new site or a site to be updated and have a particular theme in consideration, this could be possible even though our first preference is the theme of Divi.

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Here are all the key reasons why we choose the Divi theme for website design:

Divi is an all-in-one theme that include visual page builder.

Most of the times, the customers want to have a change in content while maintaining a page look. That’s the position where Divi shines. As a visual web page builder, Divi lets you see all the appearance of the page as you create it. What you see when you’re designing a page with a Divi page builder is that what the website visitor would see. It is not only simpler for the web designer to create to see what the page really looks like, but also makes it easier for the customer to go to the website to make adjustments to the material while maintaining the structure of the websites.

If you’ve used certain pages builder like Squarespace or Wix, you’ll know the visual page builder is fantastic. Even so, you might have noticed that they’re really limited in the configuration of the site. The best thing of using Divi for website design is that even if it is a visual builder, it has a lot of flexibility that enables custom coded design too.

Divi is updated very regularly with security patches and fantastic new functionality.

Divi has the biggest market share theme, meaning that the corporation has a lot of money to make improvements and upgrades. They announce major updates that also carry new features, higher speed improvements, or security improvements. These additional features ensure that we, as web designers, will make sites easier, better user friendly and more eye-catching. In addition to these big changes, there could be more than two changes a week to address any problems within the Divi theme builder or how it works and fits with other plugins or custom code. Web design is becoming a-changing industry that we, as web designers, must stay current with, and the Divi theme helps us to do that.

We are looking forward to all the updates and periodically review the status of latest changes as we like to be able to build new stuff, shift the trend of website design, and create good websites for our customers.

Divi has a wide user community behind it.

It might not sound like a good thing, but it provides three key objectives that support our customers.

First, it ensures that the divi theme is not going nowhere and also that the business which is developing Divi (Elegant Themes) will manage to improve the theme with protection and other outstanding features. This ensures that you can maintain the website instead of rebuilding it for an extended amount of time. With the continuously updated functionality, it will be simpler to update your website while maintaining it safe and stable.

Second, there’s many fantastic, easy-to-find articles which are mostly free, samples of websites made with a Divi theme, and blog entries regarding your Divi related problem or query.

Third, there have been lots of add-ons, plugins, and child themes to make it more exciting. Some of these plugins incorporate e-commerce options, speed options, design choices, and so much more. Several of these plugins might have some additional cost, but they are also very fair. It gives you the flexibility and opportunity to add any new features to your website in the future.

Divi has many seo features built into it and its is alsois a responsive wp theme   

It is really important for this day and era of website design to have a responsive website. If you’re not using a responsive site that shows up well on your tablet and phone, your Google rank will fail. In fact, most of your website visitors would be disappointed by the accessibility of your website. The best thing about using Divi is that it is incredibly sensitive and typically just requires minor tweaks across device dimensions to make your site look beautiful across different screen sizes. By default, Divi stacks photos and material to make the web look fantastic on smartphone size screens. This also makes it much easier to adjust content and style for various sizes of devices. This implies that you, as a consumer, will get a reliable, modern site that looks fantastic across a wide variety of devices.

While we still use the search engine optimization plugin at the top of Divi theme, Divi does have SEO functionality added that can boost your website rank in search engines. In the Divi theme, you can quickly tag images so that search engine can identify your images. It also was designed with the right layout design in mind and make sure that you never get search engine docked for problems that are beyond your control.

Divi provides documentation and a great deal of support.

Elegant Themes has a live chat on their website which allows queries, troubleshooting and support. The support staff generally responds back within a few hours, most of the time they will find out the issue, bug or problem they’re having. If they can’t work it out at the point, they’ll send a bug fix report for a future release. Divi  also has some great support features built-in  to make it simple for staff of Elegant Themes to sign in to your website (if you allow them to access it). It has some other great troubleshooting functionality if your website has a problem.

Divi also provide a fantastic theme manual to clarify all its functions. Every module (which has a lot that you can use from) of the Divi builder has unique documents. Their blog page is top notch with a lot of step-by-step how-to videos and articles to give you new techniques to create a perfectly designed site.

We like the Divi and wish you to see benefit it can give to your company and websites. We believe that Divi is the simplest, most versatile and feature-rich visual builder design on the industry for us as web designers and for you as site owner.

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