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Reasons to Avoid Pirated WordPress Plugins and Themes labeled GPL License

Written by Firman


You probably know why you need to avoid illegal software in general when you’re a knowledgeable online user. Nevertheless, you may be unaware of the impact WordPress piracy has on your wordpress website. Let’s begin by discussing malware.

WordPress piracy theme can often be infected by malware

Malware can harm your WordPress blog in a variety of ways. It can attempt to attack your viewers, change content on your websites, and even lead them to other websites. Malware could even result in search engine alerts instructing consumers to not even visit your site in the worst-case situation. As you may expect, such warnings can have a significant impact on your organic search traffic, and they will also last up to 30 days.

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The use of pirated WordPress plugins and themes is an excellent way for malware to spread. Intruders can bury dangerous code in files, and most users will put them onto their websites without issue. You may save money in the end by not purchasing a premium license, but the long-term consequences to your website are still not worth it.

You might strike it rich. However, taking the risk in the first position is a major one. alone has loads of free, squeaky-clean plugins and themes to choose from:

The plugin directory is a place where you may find plugins for your website.

We’re prepared to wager that whatever functionality you’re looking for, there’s a free plugin which can assist you put it to the website. Obviously, there’s undoubtedly a more expensive one with greater features and usefulness. However, rather than expose your site to viruses, you may simply upgrade afterwards. This way, you can keep your site safe while also contributing to your favourite WordPress projects.

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You Won’t Be Able to Get Support

Many premium WordPress themes and plugins, particularly premium solutions, give you access to strong support teams. Elegant Themes, for example, offers its very own support community forum where you may contact the team for assistance if you get stuck:

The Elegant Themes help forum is a place where you can get help with your Divi theme

Most reputable WordPress developers will also supply you with substantial information, training, or even direct assistance if you require it. All this is, of course, made possible by theme and plugin purchases.

Such level of customer support can be important if it comes to you, the end user. If you manage a huge website where the functioning is dependent on a specific theme or plugin, you’ll need dedicated assistance. Consider this: you most likely currently pay a monthly price for hosting. If you wanted to, you can host the website on a homemade server, but the trouble clearly outweighs the cash you may save.

The same principle applies to pirating WordPress themes and plugins. You’ll save money now, but you’ll be trapped working to correct any problems that arise on your own afterwards. Investing for a license may be a financial burden, but it is an unavoidable price of doing business.

The Plugin or Theme Simply wouldn’t Be able to Be Updated

Before you can receive updates for some premium WordPress themes and plugins, you must first register them. This ensures that only paying clients have recourse to ongoing Support services and software updates.

If you wish to obtain updates for Divi, for example, you’ll need to confirm your Elegant Themes subscription. The procedure is straightforward, but if you’re running pirated WordPress, you’ll likely be shut out of some of the updates.

Although it may appear to be a minor inconvenience, the most common causes of WordPress vulnerabilities are outdated plugins and themes. You’re exposing yourself twice if you don’t update your site’s elements since some of them are pirated. The first is by utilizing software that may include malware, and the second is by not updating to the most recent version.

You might always go back to the website where you first downloaded the plugin or theme and check for changes there. The more files you obtain from pirate websites, however, the greater the risk of your site becoming contaminated. In the case of WordPress, pirating plugins and themes necessitates more effort than simply purchasing licenses.


Rather than paying full money for WordPress themes and plugins, it could be tempting to pirate them. Saving a few money, on the other hand, may end up going to do more harm to your website in the long run. You can always utilize free options and meanwhile, or await for a discount, if you can’t buy a certain theme or plugin right now.

To emphasize the point, below are some examples of how stolen themes and plugins could harm your website:

They have the potential to be contaminated with malware.

If you need premium assistance, you won’t be able to get it.

Your plugins and themes will not be able to be updated.

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