The look is one crucial factor for successful blogs. For bloggers, especially WordPress ones, setting a theme will determine the look for their blogs. Dynamic and renewable themes are desired. However, to create the desired themes, updating or re-configuring the current theme are too risky and complicated. The chance of erasing some codes and settings is bigger. Luckily, there is one answer to the problems namely Divi Child theme. Divi Child Theme, What is It?

Like its name, the Divi Child theme will enable you to decorate your Divi Theme or Divi Builder. By using child theme, you are able to make changes as the new ‘child’ theme without being worry changing the parent theme. In case you are bored with the new theme or there are some problems that require you to be back to the parent Divi theme, you are just in a few clicks away.

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What can Child Theme do?

As the parent theme is created, Divi automatically improves and preserves the code. Additionally, to avoid page load speed problems, the statistic CSS is also directly ached and minified. The child theme allows you to decorate the current theme by providing Code and CSS in Theme Settings, Theme Customizer, and Divi Builder. The CSS and Code support you to make big changes and to be more creative and innovative in designing the theme.

Why do you have to create a Child theme?

Installing Divi will give you some benefits since Divi Child theme can

  1. Shorten the development time,
  2. Help you to collaborate with other developers
  3. Store lines of code that you add in hundreds or more and in different codes such as JavaScript, CSS, and many others,
  4. Secure the Theme Settings without getting broken down by the clients,
  5. Allow you add specific theme files code such as functions.php and page templates,
  6. Enable you to update even the child theme.

In addition, Divi Child theme also requires few files or folders that include a style.css file, a functions.php file, and a child theme directory. To support those files and folders, Text Editor, Divi Theme, and FTP Client are needed. Those requirements are very minimalist and will not burden you. Another benefit is that Divi is newbie friendly. There are many tutorials and some plugins that will help newbies to learn. For the pro developers, there are only several techniques you need to master in creating Divi Child theme.

Divi Child Theme, yay or nay?

Based on some points mentioned above, it can be seen that Divi Child is truly important. Moreover by considering the risk, installing Divi makes your blog’s or sites’ themes safer. Since its features and feasibility are easy to be accessed, Divi does not only ease you in blogging but also protects your themes by backing up the current codes of the theme. But if you areplanning to bring some minor changing to your current theme or intending to show the code modification in the settings to your clients, Divi Child theme can be useless.

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