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Divi Bodycommerce Review – Advance Divi Woocommerce Module for Your Online Shop

Written by Firman


Divi BodyCommerce is a third party plugin for Divi which helps you giving the power over the layout of your shop from the item page to the order page or anything among both. It’s developed with conversions in head and provides you a total control over the development of your store that uses the Divi Builder.

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If a plugin gives as much modules and functions as this one, it tends to be confusing to use. Fortunately, that’s not a problem on this one because it’s all simple to follow and there are many more step-by-step video clips than any plugin I’ve found. In this post, we ‘re going to take a look at Divi BodyCommerce to see how it would do and how simple it can be to use.

Divi BodyCommerce Module

If the default Divi theme module has only 16 modules, BodyCommerce can add 61 (and count) new modules to the Divi Builder. These are all the features you will need to design any part of your Woocommerce website, include account and product pages, shopping cart, etc.  They’re colour scheme-coded so you can’t lose anything. Actually, the colors show what all the modules are really for. For instance, the red modules are on the item pages. Some people use a gradient to indicate that they operate with two kinds of pages.

Divi Bodycommerce Modules include page features such as up-selling, cross-selling, sliders, similar products, carousels, product image galleries, social media sharing, breadcrumbs, and many more. Loops will create a list of items to create your store pages. These include the expected material, Layout, option and advance product tabs.

Create Shopping Basket that Will Convert

The shopping cart is a crucial part of any online shopping environment. That’s how we doubled down our work to get it right, resulting in improved consumer satisfaction, reduced cart abandonment and a raise sales funnel.

Advance Feature

Cart Device Constructor

It is necessary to create a basket page that benefits the buying enclosure and reduces the probability that the basket will be abandoned. Using this feature, you’re going to have the controls to do just that.

Mini baskets

A mini cart is a drop-down option that will appears when a customer click the add to cart icon. It’s great to let consumers easily display the details of their shopping cart without having to leave the page and thus without disrupting the purchasing cycle. Using the mini basket cart will help you to boosts your online shop conversions.

If you use WooCommerce and Divi in default option, you’ll find that you cannot get a mini basket out of the box. Now with Bodycommerce, you can customize your mini basket,  you can design its style anyway you want.

Custom cart icon

Choose between a beautifully made collection of SVGs to create your shopping cart that fits perfectly your label design and color palette. A little tweak that’s awesome for fine-tuning the sense of your label.

Ajax Add to the cart

Shopping carts that need to be cleaned are distracting and messy. Smoothly add and remove products to your shopping cart without refreshing the page at every time, and immediately increase your chances of gaining a sale, and much more importantly – a repeat consumer.

This element lets you adjust the settings so that you can improve the way the cart works on the screen and manage the consumer experience. Ajax add to cart will works on the product page, category page, and other variable product pages.

Check-out Page Builder

The checkout section is the pinnacle of user experience. Therefore, every detail is crucial. BodyCommerce provides all the tools to develop a checkout page that accomplishes the purchase enclosure and gives your consumers a painless and pleasing finish. This Features Include:

Funnel Checkout

The checkout funnel is a good addition to every shop. Boost sales by providing discounted rates to your consumers at checkout, which can easily be added to the cart even without hassle and without having to leave the page. If you ordered some product on Amazon, you’d see this in practice. They give you complimentary items to add to your purchase at checkout.

Custom check-out 

Pick Design Layout from four different style: Shopify style, accordion and one-page, multi-step, then pick the layout design and look that you like.

Custom Page Builder

You understand exactly what your customer wants to do. BodyCommerce is built to help you fulfill those needs by improving your controls and bringing you a ton more choices to play with, beginning with the item pages right to the checkout. Build templates for the pages with Divi Bodycommerce modules to improve the user engagement of your site.

With this plugin You can build custom layouts with Divi Builder to:

  • Products pages
  • Archive page
  • User account dashboard page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Order page



Divi BodyCommerce has an amazing measure of control across WooCommerce item and page layout. You also can configure your login page, tags, profile pages, thankyou page, searching pages, forms page, etc.  It includes e-mail design, custom icons, and many advance features. You can also construct a different style for each group.

Modules and design have been simple to use. All you need to do is watch the tutorials on the developer page to build the examples. The videos have been thorough and easy to understand. BodyCommerce offers more capabilities and custom functions than any WooCommerce / Divi plugin on the market. If you are using WooCommerce with Divi and want to configure your WooCommerce site, BodyCommerce is indeed an easy decision.

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