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Divi Layout Pack vs Child Theme – Which One should I Choose?

Written by Firman


After its launch, Divi has completely changed its website design and development landscape. Divi is a WordPress theme and builder made by ElegantThemes, one of today’s leading designers of WordPress themes.

The Divi Visual Builder helps you to build like nothing else builder available on the net. Another advantage of using Divi is that you’ll be now member of one of the biggest, most helpful networks around you. Nick Roach, the CEO and Founder of ElegantThemes, developed a tool that web developers with no basic understanding of HTML code or CSS could use it to create beautiful Divi sites. But because of the innovative flow that Divi makes, many experts, even those who understand coding, are using this amazing product.

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There are two terms in Divi that you must understand in order to maximize its performance. The first is child theme and the second is layout package. They seem similar, but they are actually different. Let’s explore more about both of them.

Divi Child Themes

If you’d like to go beyond and above with Divi, you’re going to have to understand a little about CSS. It’s correct that you can create an amazing website without using any CSS code – but there’s still something that’s not perfect. Something that you’d like to modify, that’s where the CSS. I’m not a coder anyway, but now with the launch of the Chrome Inspector app – it’s a little easier to understand how CSS functions, but there’s still a small learning process. This is where the Divi child themes arrive.

So what’s the Divi child theme which you may ask? Everything that is Divi must have a basic installation of the Divi Theme. ElegantThemes is great at keeping their apps up-to-date and free of bugs, so they’re always delivering updates. Any improvements (except for the Additional CSS portion) that you can make to any of the core files (functions.php, header.php, etc.) will be removed on the next update of ElegantThemes. With the Child Theme, you will not have to concern about that. I’m thinking of a way of saying this: the parent installation of Divi “feeds” its functionality to the Child Theme. Any changes to the parent theme core files will run down to the child theme – despite modifying any unique customizations that you might have made to the child theme. Ok, I hope that explains it!

You can purchase Child Themes from a number of different online Divi developer today. These themes are custom-made, and sometimes contain features that you likely won’t get with a standard, regular old Divi configuration. They come in different shapes and sizes, specially built for individual companies, websites, or online stores. Models are vary a lot, and you may be daunted by the option.

The greatest part about the Divi Child Themes is they’re inexpensive. Compared to the price of getting a professional to create your website – you might save thousands! Child Themes and Divi theme vary from free to $170 (at last that was the highest one I’ve ever found). Most of the Divi themes will cost around $25 and $50. Find a developer whose style you love, please ensure they provide technical support when needed. Also, check their social media pages – make sure they are legal – and they can give coupons or deals that you didn’t know about.

Divi Theme Layout Package

In my experience, Divi Layout Packs and Child Themes  are quite much same. The only exception is that you might install a Layout Pack even without child theme. Only by installing Divi, it is enough. Divi Layout Packs are typically one-page scroller with a point feature navigation system. Often there are a few pages. They can be enabled by uploading a JSON file or a plugin.

Typically, Divi Layout Packs and Child Themes are provided by the same Divi designers. Layout packs are generally cheaper than child’s theme. ElegantThemes themselves is also another good resource for layout packages. If you are a customer, you have the privilege of 140 and a growing number of FREE Divi Layout Packages. They are also available in a wide variety of different designs and a whole host of different forms of industry and business. Nick Roach and his crew at ElegantThemes are top-notch creators to say the least.

Final Thought

If you’re using a a Divi Layout Pack, Divi Child Theme, or just a Divi — it would be almost impossible to develop a horrible website. Layout packs are perfect for single-page scroller and basic Divi site. They’re generally cheaper than Child Themes, or they’re flat out different. If you’d like a little further, go to the Child Theme. There are a couple of fantastic samples out there sale on the web. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see them – they’re available almost in any design you can think!

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