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WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Review

Written by Firman


WPX Hosting is Aussie Businessman Terry Kyle’s brainchild. Since 1998, Kyle has collaborated with numerous online businesses. As a result, he encountered a multitude of mediocre and under-average hosting services. Some of the common issues he faced were slow server efficiency, complicated admin dashboards, and lack of help from live team support.

WPX Hosting, formerly known as Traffic Planet Hosting, is an automated WordPress hosting service, co-founded by quite a well-known Internet marketing expert Terry Kyle, the same guy inside Traffic Planet forum. The name change to WPX Hosting is a current transition (Oct 2016) and is simply that a shift in identity regarding the company’s “outgrowing” link with the web Traffic Planet.

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Kyle built the WPX web host to address the challenges raised by the hosting services, which are generally available. Today, WPX Hosting has evolved and become one of the most respected providers of WordPress hosting.

Professional WordPress Managed Hosting

Many hosting companies provide WordPress hosting plans, but the reality is that they often do not provide WordPress hosting in its real essence. These companies provide generic managed servers on which, apart from most content management software like Drupal or Joomla, you can setup WordPress and use a control panel like cPanel. The server hosting is not WordPress optimized, and the support also cannot manage WordPress technical questions.

WPX web host is WordPress-focused, and no other CMS can be built on its site. It provides a personalized control panel, scanning malware, CDN, staging area, and advanced WordPress support.

WPX Service Plan

WPX hosting service providers have made it simple by just giving three, and the user has the most outstanding player who keeps it user-friendly. The only distinction among all three plans you can see is the number of websites you would like to connect with the server, the number of space you need on your server, and the bandwidth you’d like for your sites.

It is obvious to see that the plants start from $24.99, as seems to be the WPX Hosting Provider’s most affordable package. Below is specific information about those WPX Hosting provider’s plan

Business Plan

The business package begins at $24.99/month and is as low as it sounds. This package gives you access to up to 5 sites. You receive up to 10 GB of space, where all the data can be stored. In this plan, you can also get 50 GB bandwidth for your websites.

Professional Plan

This package starts at just $49.99/month that is less expensive than most web hosting. 15 Using single hosting services, you get an opportunity to connect 15 websites. 50 GB of disk space and one hundred GB of bandwidth. You will have dedicated Ram built in it so you can access your WordPress Website faster.

Elite Plan

This package is designed mainly for the professionals and huge businesses that market their products online and need a lot of bandwidth and storage. The Elite plan starts at $99.00/month. On this plan, you can host 35 websites on your server. You will also get 50 Gb of space and unrestricted bandwidth; this is the best value you can get if you need ample space and unlimited bandwidth for your website.

Main WPX Hosting Features

WordPress Backups on website

WPX Web Hosting offers you the backup option to get your files back. As in some situations, the data is getting lost, which causes the site owner to lose a vast amount. Here WPX allows you to automatically store up to 14 days of data to restore it to your server if something goes wrong. The best thing about WPX is that you could install external plugins such as BackupBuddy, and you can save the files on your own.

User Interface

The general navigation and design around your customer area and dashboard is a pleasant experience. Unlike many other control panels loaded with a lot of features that I never wanted, WPX’s options are easily understandable and use, and you’re not left frustrated.

Creating a WPX hosting website is a relatively easy task. Everything you should do is navigate the submenu of your websites. Here you can perform several tasks with just one press. You can start by creating a new site, then set up WordPress on the website you’ve just built, and then configure a free or commercial SSL certificate on your newly established domain.

What is the great thing about it all? Each task only requires one press, and not less than three to accomplish. Is it easy to learn working with WordPress? Yeah, WordPress pros can achieve this on the one hand tied behind their back.

Free SSL

They also offer all clients a full SSL for any site which you host. These days, it is a very much necessary condition for all websites, especially for those who want to get high ranking on search engines like google.

Free Website Migration

WPX Hosting gives you unlimited migrations to your account. The business package allows you to host up to 5 domains, and five migrations are also provided free after the plan has been purchased. To start the migration at their end, you must create a ticket within the dashboard.

You could migrate manually by yourself, but there might be a downtime problem. WPX Can manage the migration process with zero downtime.

Free Backups

Compared to some of the other standard hosting services, WPX will not charge you for making your site backups. They will back up your website every day; you can manage the site’s last 28 regular backups on your client dashboard. These backups are maintained and are protected on a different server.

Stage Environment

If you like to test changes you’ve made or new features that you’ve added to your site before you make them live, then you need a staging area in which you can play around till you’re ready to launch modification. WPX Hosting provides a robust Staging interface in all plans. The only thing to know is that you need at least one unused WordPress room for the staging area, as it is essentially a copy of your current WordPress site.

Safety and the security of DDOS

Security is a significant aspect of the hosting provider’s feature when you’re about to pick a host. The WPX server is standing by with enterprise DDoS security and malware cleanup that examines the entire site to remove any vulnerabilities.

WPX Hosting provides free, unrestricted removal of malware if malware attempts to find its access through the Custom Web application firewall. In general, if the website is infected, WPX Hosting will clean the mess for you at no cost.

SSD Server

SSD servers are known to make the website quicker by 200 percent, and not only that, with WPX SSD servers, the query response time and TTFB (time to the first byte) are significantly escalated.

WPX Hosting uses servers running Apache. The servers are not only quick, but they are also stable and designed to scale, so your site hardly goes offline. You should assume a minimum of 1-2 downtime in a month or two, but for all hosts in the world, that’s the same thing. Overall, they send you and stand by a 99.90 percent uptime guarantee. These are important to ensure a quick and secure website.

Caching and Free CDN

Like any other service that you’ve managed to run, you don’t need to activate a WordPress blog cache plugin. The servers are cached by prebuilt cache solutions from the root level, which are far superior to your standard cache plugins.

Recently, WPX Hosting has started offering all its customers their CDN network, WPX Cloud, for free!

You can activate your free WPX CDN for all your WPX-hosted websites from your dashboard easily.

CDN stands for network service distribution. It functions as a micro-server and allows for the fast loading of websites. The WPX CDN has multi-servers in 26 different places around the world. These servers allow the handling of large numbers of visitors on your site. Often, they enhance safety and security.

Team Support

Email support from WPX Hosting is nearly as good as their connection speeds! I think you would agree that having dedicated customer support available 24/7 is very important, and if you’re running a website that is extremely valuable to you, it’s necessary.

30 Days Garantie money back

WPX hosting gives you a money-back guarantee of 30-day no questions asked if you are not pleased with that service. You can cancel the account within your account dashboard in the first 30 days of establishing your WPX subscription, via the ‘Cancel’ connection. In the ‘Cancel’ section, WPX will then promptly refunds the full amount charged on request using the standard form.

WPX Hosting and Divi Theme

WPX is a powerful hosting for your WordPress site, especially in caching feature and free CDN that they offer. It will be really useful to optimize your website if you are using Divi Theme. Since the traditional hosting can optimize a Divi Theme based website, with WPX, you can get a stable, fast and optimal performance that will make sure your site has great speed and search engine will like it and place your website in higher position.


WPX Hosting is very easy to use as a powerful web host. If you want to update your website’s hosting requirements or start a new business on the right path, then WPX Hosting is a good option as we’ve seen about WPX Web Hosting and looked at its packages as well which offers excellent value for money. If you’re just a novice, then with a small package, you can go.

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