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Divi Multiselect and Bulk Editing Features

Written by Firman


Divi Multiselect and Bulk Editing is a fantastic new feature that allows us to create websites with unprecedented speed and efficiency.  You now can pick multiple items and implement mass actions upon this entire number of elements at the very same time. Drag – and – drop, delete, copy, paste, or even edit the content and design of anything at the same moment are all possible. Rather than making repetitive modifications to a number of elements  over and over  ,one by one, pick all of them and edit it all at once. It is indeed incredibly cool.

Multiselect by Using Hold Cmd/Ctrl or Shift.

Once designing in Divi, you now can choose elements by holding down the Ctrl or Cmd  keys and clicking on them. You can chose many more objects as you’d like even a mix of rows, modules, and sections. You also can chose a set of modules in a column, a number of rows within that section, or even a set of sections inside a page by holding down the Shift button and clicking. After selecting an item, you could already mass edit the the whole selection at once.

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Modify the design of various multiple modules at once.

While you mass edit the design from several multiselected objects, they all update at the same time, and save you a lots of design period.  Divi will instantly show a list of shared configurations if you access the modal settings of a items collection. As you change the design, everything in your chosen items are modified. You also can bulk edit a group of diferent items.  ou could even, for example, insert a shadow  box shadow toward a Module of Blurb, an Image Module, and a Section all at once.

Quick copy paste, Drag and Drop, and Delete

Multiselect is also an excellent tool for quickly copying, pasting, and deleting lots of items in one go. It also is a great way to shift a group of items to a new place rather than dragging and dropping them one by one. You also can drag and drop rows, modules,  and sections around the same moment, and Divi would then combine and drop  it into single place.

Improve Your Understanding of Your Page Layout

Simply holding the Ctrl or Cmd or Ctrl keys is indeed an excellent way of getting to know the structure of the page and rapidly choosing individual small modules that may be hard to find when using Divi’s minimal design configuration. Holding down Cmd or Ctrl gives a clear outline of any and all rows, modules, and sections, giving you a full picture of the whole page and where all the individual elements blend together.

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